Archive International Legal Studies Courses and Reading Groups for 2006-2007 by Faculty Member

In 2006-2007, the following faculty members taught courses that had substantial international, foreign or comparative elements:

Professor William P. Alford
    Comparative Law: The Role of Law in Chinese Society
    International Law Workshop: Seminar

Ms. Deborah Anker
    Immigration and Refugee Policy: Seminar
    Refugee and Asylum Advocacy: Seminar A
    Refugee and Asylum Advocacy: Seminar B

Visiting Professor Brian Arnold
    Taxation: Comparative Tax Law and Policy

Visiting Professor Hani Ben-Menahem
    Academic Research in Jewish Law: Reading Group
    Jewish Law: The Legal Thought of Maimonides
    Talmudic Law for Beginners

Ms. Jacqueline Bhabha
    Human Rights, State Sovereignty, and Persecution: Issues in Forced Migration and Refugee Protection
    International Childhood, Rights and Globalization

Visiting Professor Francesca Bignami
    Comparative Law: Privacy in Europe and the United States
    Law of the European Union

Visiting Professor Gabriella Blum
    International Law
    International Negotiation

Mr. Robert Bordone
    Dispute Systems Design: Reading Group

Assistant Professor Rachel Brewster
    International Law
    International Trade

Visiting Professor Stephen Burbank
    International Civil Litigation

Clinical Professor James Cavallaro
    Human Rights Advocacy: Seminar
    Advanced Human Rights Clinical Workshop A
    Advanced Human Rights Clinical Workshop B
    International Human Rights Litigation: Seminar

Visiting Professor Sara Cleveland
    International Labor Rights in the Global Economy: Seminar

Visiting Professor Allison Marston Danner
    International Law

Mr. Frederick Davis
    International Law: Dispute Resolution: Strategy and Practice

Professor Charles Donahue
    Legal History: English Legal History
    Legal History: English Legal History: Seminar

Professor Einer R. Elhauge
    Antitrust Law

Mr. Allen Ferrell
    International Trade: Seminar

Professor William W. Fisher III

Professor Gerald Frug
    International Local Government Law

Mr. Tyler Giannini
    Human Rights and the Environment: Advocacy Seminar
    Human Rights and the Environment: Advocacy Workshop

Professor Jack Landman Goldsmith III
    Foreign Relations Law
    International Trade: Seminar

Visiting Professor Richard Goldstone
    Comparative Constitutional Law B
    International Criminal Law Seminar

Assistant Professor Ryan Goodman
    International Human Rights
    International Law Workshop: Seminar

Professor Janet Halley
    Comparative Family Law

Professor Philip B. Heymann
    Comparative Terrorism Policy: Seminar

Visiting Professor David Hunter
    Contemporary International and Comparative Environmental Law Research: Seminar
    International Environmental Law

Visiting Professor Derek Jinks
    International Humanitarian Law

Professor Baber Johansen
    Constitutional Courts of the Arab World

Professor David W. Kennedy
    Law and Development

Professor Duncan Kennedy
    Comparative Law: The Globalization of Law in Historical Perspective
    Private Law Theory: Seminar

Mr. J. Andrew Kent
    Separation of War Powers: Seminar

Visiting Professor Daniel Kessler
    Political Economy of Health Care

Visiting Professor Sanford Levinson
    Torture Law and Lawyers: Reading Group

Mr. Phillip R. Malone
    Antitrust, Technology, and Innovation: Seminar

Professor John H. Mansfield
    Law and Religion in India: Seminar

Professor Frank Michelman
    Constitutions and Property: Seminar
    Comparative Constitutional Law

Visiting Professor Peter L. Murray
    The American Legal System

Professor Gerald Neuman
    Citizenship: Seminar
    Constitutional Law Advanced: The Borders of the Constitution: Seminar
    Immigration Law

Ms. Binaifer Nowrojee
    Human Rights Advocacy: Seminar

Professor Oliver Oldman
    Taxation: VAT: A Reading Group

Mr. John Palfrey
    Internet Law and Politics: Seminar

Visiting Professor Raul Pangalangan
    Public International Law

Professor J. Mark Ramseyer
    Governance and Finance of Japanese Firms: Reading Group
    Rationality and Culture in Japanese Law
    Workshop in Asian Law

Ms. Louise Richardson
    Comparative Terrorism Policy: Seminar

Ms. Mindy Jane Roseman
    International Reproductive/Sexual Health Rights

Professor Mark J. Roe
    Corporate Governance: Current Topics and Theories

Professor John G. Ruggie (John F. Kennedy School of Government)
    Global Governance

Professor Hal S. Scott
    International Finance: Seminar
    International Finance

Mr. Stephen E. Shay
    Taxation: International Aspects of U.S. Income Taxation

Visiting Professor William Simon
    New Approaches to Regulation and Social Policy

Professor Mark Tushnet
    Comparative Constitutional Law

Professor Roberto Mangabeira Unger
    Self, Serenity and Vulnerability: East and West

Professor Lucie E. White
    Community Action for Social and Economic Rights

Ms. Virginia J. Wise
    Legal Research: International, Foreign, and Comparative
    Legal Research: Introduction to American and International Law Research: Module

Visiting Professor Xingzhong Yu
    Comparative Law: The Role of Law in Chinese Society



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