Archive International Legal Studies Courses and Reading Groups for 2008-2009 by Name

While elements of international, foreign and comparative law permeate many courses offered at HLS, the following courses, which were offered in the academic year 2008-2009, had substantial international, foreign or comparative elements:

Antitrust, Technology, and Innovation: Seminar
Art, Law and Cultural Property
Business and Human Rights Clinical Seminar: Law and Practice
Challenges in Global Economic Governance
Citizenship: Seminar
Community Action for Social and Economic Rights
Comparative Constitutional Law
Comparative Constitutional Law: South Africa's Bill of Rights
Comparative Law: Globalization of Law in Historical Perspective
Comparative Law: Introduction to European Legal Traditions (1L)
Comparative Law: Why Law? Lessons from China (1L)
Concept of Obligation in Islamic Law (The)
Conflict of Laws
Corporate Governance of the Public Firm
Dispute Systems Design: Seminar
Doctrine and Practice of the Inter-American Human Rights System (The)
Economic and Social Rights: Seminar
European Human Rights Law: Seminar
European Union Law
German Constitutional Law: Seminar
Globalization of American Feminist Legal Reform (The): Seminar
Globalizing Capital: Reading Group
Holocaust and the Law: Seminar (The)
Holocaust Litigation
Human Rights Advocacy: Seminar A
Human Rights Advocacy: Seminar B
Human Rights and the Environment Advocacy Seminar
Human Rights, State Sovereignty, and Persecution: Issues in Forced Migration and Refugee Protection
Immigration and Refugee Advocacy Seminar A
Immigration and Refugee Advocacy Seminar B
Immigration Law
International Bankruptcy: Reading Group
International Childhood, Rights, and Globalization
International Commercial Arbitration
International Criminal Law: Seminar
International Environmental Law
International Finance
International Finance: Seminar
International Human Rights
International Human Rights and Domestic Law in the Inter-American System: Reading Group
International Human Rights Litigation: Seminar
International Humanitarian Law
International Law A
International Law and International Relations: Seminar
International Law B
International Law Workshop
International Negotiation
International Reproductive/Sexual Health Rights: Reading Group
International Tax Policy
International Trade
Israel/Palestine Legal Issues
Jewish Law: The Legal Thought of Maimonides
Judicial Enforcement of Socio-Economic Rights: Seminar
Latin American Public Law: Seminar
Law and China Advanced
Law and Development
Law and Non-Proliferation: Reading Group
Law and Policy of Counter-Terrorism
Law of Disasters: Reading Group (The)
Legal History: English Legal History
Legal History: English Legal History Seminar
Legal Research: International, Foreign, and Comparative
Legal Research: Introduction to American and International Legal Research
Making Rights Real: The Ghana Project
Political Economy of Globalization: Legal and Historical Dimensions (The)
Talmudic Law Advanced: The responsa literature: Reading Group
Talmudic Law for Beginners
Taxation: International Aspects of U.S. Income Taxation
Transatlantic Mergers and Acquisitions
Understanding Terrorism: Seminar
War Crimes Prosecution Workshop
War on Terror and Human Rights Law in the UK (The)


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