Archive Courses and Reading Groups for 2009-2010 by Name

While elements of international, foreign and comparative law permeate many courses offered at HLS, the following courses, which were offered in the academic year 2009-2010, had substantial international, foreign or comparative elements:

    America's Fiscal Future: Reading Group
    Antitrust, Technology and Innovation: Seminar
    Bargaining with the Devil: Negotiation and the Problem of Evil: Seminar
    Business and Human Rights: Reading Group
    Community Action for Social and Economic Rights
    Comparative Constitutional Law
    Comparative Corporate Governance Research: Seminar
    Comparative Federalism: Seminar
    Comparative Law: Why Law? Lessons from China (1L & LL.M.)
    Conflict of Laws
    Constitution and the International Order (The)
    Corporate and Securities Law Policy
    Corporate Governance of the Public Firm
    Crisis, Globalization, and Economics
    Cyberwarfare and Cybercrime: Seminar
    Dispute Systems Design: Seminar
    Enforcing International Law: Reading Group
    European Legal History: Reading Group
    Foreign Relations Law
    Foreign Relations Law: Seminar
    Foundations of Western Legal Thought
    Gender and the Family in Transnational Law
    Gender in Postcolonial Legal Orders
    Global Governance
    Global Governance Today: Reading Group
    Global Human Rights Revolution: Basic Issues: Seminar (The)
    Global Perspectives on Criminal Procedure: Reading Group
    Greek and Roman Constitutionalism
    Holocaust Litigation
    Human Rights (Advanced): Reading Group
    Human Rights Advocacy in Contemporary South Africa: Clinical Seminar
    Human Rights Advocacy: Seminar
    Human Rights and the Environment Advocacy Seminar
    Human Rights Practice in Latin America: Seminar
    Human Rights Practice in Southeast Asia
    Human Rights Research: Seminar
    Human Rights, State Sovereignty, and Persecution: Issues in Forced Migration and Refugee Protection
    Humanitarian Protection in Situations of Armed Conflict: Clinical Seminar
    Immigration and Refugee Advocacy: Seminar
    Immigration and Refugee Advocacy: Seminar
    Immigration Law
    Immigration, Globalization and Obligations of Democracies: Reading Group
    International Childhood, Rights, and Globalization
    International Commercial Arbitration
    International Criminal Court (ICC): Reading Group
    International Finance: Law and Regulation
    International Finance: Markets and Firms
    International Finance: Seminar
    International Human Rights
    International Humanitarian Law
    International Law and Domestic Institutions: Reading Group
    International Law and International Relations Theory: Seminar
    International Law Workshop
    International Reproductive/Sexual Health Rights: Reading Group
    International Tax Policy
    International Trade Law
    Introduction to Islamic Law
    Islamic Comparative Law
    Japanese Law Film: Seminar
    Jewish Law's Responses to Gentile Law: Internal Views of External Influences: Advanced Reading Group
    Jewish Law: The Legal Thought of Maimonides
    Law and Business in China
    Law and Development
    Law and the International Economy B1 (1L)
    Law and the International Economy B2 (1L)
    Legal Architecture of Globalization: The History and Institutional Development of Money and Finance (The)
    Legal Education for the Twenty-First Century: Global Perspectives on Preparing Lawyers for Global Careers
    Legal Research: International, Foreign, and Comparative
    Legal Research: Introduction to American and International Legal Research
    Making Rights Real: The Ghana Project
    Online Law and Business in a Globalized Economy: Seminar
    Past and Future of the Left (The)
    Politics of Private Law in Comparative and Historical Perspective (The) (1L & LL.M.)
    Prosecuting Transnational Criminal Organizations: Seminar
    Prosecution Policies and Strategy at the International Criminal Court
    Public Health Law
    Public International Law
    Public International Law (1L)
    Public International Law (1L)
    Self, Serenity, and Vulnerability: East and West
    Talmudic Law for Beginners
    Taxation: International Aspects of U.S. Income Taxation
    Topics in Human Rights Law and Practice: LLM Concentrators' Writing and Presentation Seminar
    Trading in and with Europe: The Law and Institutions of the European Union
    Transitional Justice
    Understanding Terrorism: Seminar
    War Crimes Prosecution Workshop
    Workshop on Crime and Criminal Justice Reform in Global Context


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