Archive Courses and Reading Groups for 2010-2011 by Faculty Member

While elements of international, foreign and comparative law permeate many courses offered at HLS, the following courses, which were offered in the academic year 2010-2011, had substantial international, foreign or comparative elements:

Professor William P. Alford
    Comparative Law: Why Law? Lessons from China (1L and LL.M.)
    International Law Workshop: Law and Development

Visiting Professor Philip Alston
    Fact-Finding and International Law: Reading Group
    International Human Rights

Clinical Professor Deborah Anker
    Immigration and Refugee Advocacy: Seminar A
    Immigration Law: Policy and Social Change

Visiting Professor Antony Anghie
    International Law and Imperialism: Reading Group
    Public International Law B2 (1L)

Ms. Sabrineh Ardalan
    Immigration and Refugee Advocacy: Seminar B

Visiting Professor Brian J. Arnold
    Taxation: Comparative Tax Law and Policy

Professor Lucian A. Bebchuk
    Corporate and Financial Law Policy    

Messrs. Mark Beckett and Dan Tan
    International Commercial Arbitration

Ms. Jacqueline Bhabha
    International Childhood, Rights, and Globalization    

Assistant Professor Gabriella Blum 
    International Negotiations    

Clinical Professor Robert C. Bordone
    Dispute Systems Design: Seminar

Mr. Gary Born
    International Commercial Arbitration

Ms. Stephanie Brewer
    Human Rights Practice in Latin America: Seminar

Ms. Stephanie Brewer and Clinical Professor James Cavallaro
    Doctrine and Practice of the Inter-American Human Rights System (The)

Assistant Professor Rachel Brewster
    International Law and International Relations Theory: Seminar
    Law and the International Economy (1L)

Clinical Professor James Cavallaro
    Human Rights Advocacy: Seminar

Clinical Professor James Cavallaro and Ms. Stephanie Brewer
    Doctrine and Practice of the Inter-American Human Rights System (The)

Clinical Professor James Cavallaro and Ms. Mindy Jane Roseman
    Topics in Human Rights Law and Practice: LLM Concentrators' Writing and Presentation Seminar

Visiting Professor Grainne de Burca
    European Union Law
    Public International Law B1 (1L)

Ms. Bonnie Docherty
    Humanitarian Protection in Situations of Armed Conflict: Clinical Seminar

Ms. Jaime Dodge
    Cross-Border Class Actions and Aggregate Dispute Resolution: Public and Private Process Design Seminar

Professor Charles Donahue
    Legal History: Continental Legal History
    Legal History: Continental Legal History: Seminar
    Roman Law: Reading Group

Visiting Professor Horst Eidenmueller
    European Company and Bankruptcy Law

Professor Einer R. Elhauge
    Global Antitrust Law
    Global Antitrust Law (1L)

Ms. Susan Farbstein and Mr. Tyler Giannini
    Litigating Using the Alien Tort Statute: Case Studies and Advocacy: Seminar    

Professor William W. Fisher

Professor Noah Feldman
    Constitution and the International Order (The) 1L

Professor Jody Freeman
    Climate and Energy Law and Policy

Visiting Professor Urs Gasser
    Online Law and Business in a Globalized Economy: Seminar

Mr. Tyler Giannini and Ms. Susan Farbstein
    Litigating Using the Alien Tort Statute: Case Studies and Advocacy: Seminar

Messrs. Tyler Giannini and Chris Jochnick
    Business and Human Rights Clinical Seminar: Law and Practice

Professor Mary Ann Glendon
    Comparative Law Research Seminar: Religious Freedom
    Comparative Law: Foundations of Western Thought

Mr. Moshe Halbertal
    Just and Unjust Wars: Seminar
    Maimonides Mishneh Torah: Seminar
    What we Owe to Others: Readings in Talmud and Jewish Law: Reading Group

Professor Janet Halley
    Gender and the Family in Transnational Law

Professors Ricardo Hausmann (Harvard Kennedy School) and Roberto Unger
    Political Economy After Crisis

Professor Philip B. Heymann
    Privacy, Technology, and National Security: Seminar
    Prosecuting Transnational Criminal Organizations: Seminar

Professors Howell E. Jackson and Hal S. Scott 
    International Finance: Seminar

Visiting Professor Vicki Jackson
    Constitutionalism and Transnationalism: Reading Group

Messrs. Chris Jochnick and Tyler Giannini
    Business and Human Rights Clinical Seminar: Law and Practice

Professor David W. Kennedy
    Global Law and Governance
    Law and Economic Development

Professor Duncan Kennedy    
    Globalization of Law and Legal Thought 1850-2000 (1L and LLM)
    Israel/Palestine Legal Issues    

Professors Reinier Kraakman and Mark Roe
    Comparative Corporate Governance: Seminar    

Visiting Professor Catherine MacKinnon
    Evolution of Gender Crimes: Seminar
    Sex Equality

Visiting Professor Chibli Mallat
    Law and War: Seminar
    Middle Eastern Law

Clinical Professor Phillip Malone
    Antitrust, Technology and Innovation: Seminar

Professor Frank I. Michelman
    Comparative Constitutional Law

Dean Martha L. Minow and Assistant Clinical Professor Alex Whiting
    Prosecution Policies and Strategy at the International Criminal Court    

Professor Gerald L. Neuman
    Human Rights (Advanced): Reading Group    

Professor J. Mark Ramseyer
    Introduction to Japanese Law    

Visiting Professor Diane Ring
    Taxation: International Aspects of U.S. Income Taxation Trade Secrecy: Seminar   

Professor Mark J. Roe
    Corporate Governance of the Public Firm

Professors Mark Roe and Reinier Kraakman
    Comparative Corporate Governance: Seminar

Assistant Professor Benjamin Roin
    Trade Secrecy: Seminar

Ms. Mindy Jane Roseman
    International Reproductive/Sexual Health Rights: Reading Group

Ms. Mindy Jane Roseman and Clinical Professor James Cavallaro
    Topics in Human Rights Law and Practice: LLM Concentrators' Writing and Presentation Seminar

Ms. Diane Rosenfeld
    Gender Violence, Law and Social Justice: Seminar

Professor John Ruggie (Harvard Kennedy School)
    Global Governance

Visiting Professor James Salzman
    International Environmental Law

Professor Hal S. Scott
    International Finance

Professors Hal S. Scott and Howell E. Jackson
    International Finance: Seminar    

Professor Joseph William Singer
    Conflict of Laws

Visiting Professor Robert D. Sloane
    Contemporary Issues in National Security Law: Reading Group
    Public International Law

Visiting Professor Michael Stein
    Human Rights Frontier: Disability Rights in Comparative and International Perspectives (The): Reading Group

Professor Christopher Stone (Harvard Kennedy School)
    Workshop on Crime and Criminal Justice Reform in Global Context

Messrs. Dan Tan and Mark Beckett
    International Commercial Arbitration

Ms. Cora True-Frost
    Fragmentation and International Conflicts: Reading Group

Professor Roberto Unger
    Law and Legal Thought in the 21st Century

Professors Roberto Unger and Ricardo Hausmann (Harvard Kennedy School)
    Political Economy After Crisis

Professor Alvin C. Warren
    Taxation: Foreign Investment by U.S. Companies: Reading Group

Professor Lucie E. White  
    Community Action for Social and Economic Rights
    Making Rights Real: The Ghana Project
    Poverty, Human Rights, and Development

Assistant Clinical Professor Alex Whiting and Dean Martha L. Minow
    Prosecution Policies and Strategy at the International Criminal Court

Professor David Wilkins
    Globalization, Lawyers, and Emerging Economies: Seminar

Ms. Virginia J. Wise
    Legal Research: International, Foreign, and Comparative
    Legal Research: Introduction to American and International Legal Research

Assistant Professor Mark Wu
    International Trade
    Recent Disputes in International Trade: Reading Group


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