Archive Courses and Reading Groups for 2010-2011 by Name

While elements of international, foreign, and comparative law permeate many courses offered at HLS, the following courses, which were offered in the academic year 2010-2011, had substantial international, foreign, or comparative elements:

Antitrust, Technology and Innovation: Seminar
Business and Human Rights Clinical Seminar: Law and Practice
Climate and Energy Law and Policy
Community Action for Social and Economic Rights
Comparative Constitutional Law
Comparative Corporate Governance: Seminar
Comparative Law: Foundations of Western Thought
Comparative Law Research Seminar: Religious Freedom
Comparative Law: Why Law? Lessons from China (1L and LL.M.)
Constitution and the International Order (The) 1L
Conflict of Laws
Constitutionalism and Transnationalism: Reading Group
Contemporary Issues in National Security Law: Reading Group
Corporate and Financial Law Policy
Corporate Governance of the Public Firm
Cross-Border Class Actions and Aggregate Dispute Resolution: Public and Private Process Design Seminar
Dispute Systems Design: Seminar
Doctrine and Practice of the Inter-American Human Rights System (The)
European Company and Bankruptcy Law
European Union Law
Evolution of Gender Crimes: Seminar
Fact-Finding and International Law: Reading Group
Fragmentation and International Conflicts: Reading Group
Gender and the Family in Transnational Law
Gender Violence, Law and Social Justice: Seminar
Global Antitrust Law
Global Antitrust Law (1L)
Global Governance
Global Law and Governance
Globalization of Law and Legal Thought 1850-2000 (1L and LLM)
Globalization, Lawyers, and Emerging Economies: Seminar
Human Rights (Advanced): Reading Group
Human Rights Advocacy: Seminar
Human Rights Frontier: Disability Rights in Comparative and International Perspectives (The): Reading Group
Human Rights Practice in Latin America: Seminar
Humanitarian Protection in Situations of Armed Conflict: Clinical Seminar
Immigration and Refugee Advocacy: Seminar A
Immigration and Refugee Advocacy: Seminar B
Immigration Law: Policy and Social Change
International Childhood, Rights, and Globalization
International Commercial Arbitration
International Commercial Arbitration
International Environmental Law
International Finance
International Finance: Seminar
International Human Rights
International Law and Imperialism: Reading Group
International Law and International Relations Theory: Seminar
International Law Workshop: Law and Development
International Negotiations
International Reproductive/Sexual Health Rights: Reading Group
International Trade
Introduction to Japanese Law
Israel/Palestine Legal Issues
Just and Unjust Wars: Seminar
Law and Economic Development
Law and Legal Thought in the 21st Century
Law and the International Economy (1L)
Law and War: Seminar
Legal History: Continental Legal History
Legal History: Continental Legal History: Seminar
Legal Research: International, Foreign, and Comparative
Legal Research: Introduction to American and International Legal Research
Litigating Using the Alien Tort Statute: Case Studies and Advocacy: Seminar
Maimonides Mishneh Torah: Seminar
Making Rights Real: The Ghana Project
Middle Eastern Law
Online Law and Business in a Globalized Economy: Seminar
Political Economy After Crisis
Poverty, Human Rights, and Development
Privacy, Technology, and National Security: Seminar
Prosecuting Transnational Criminal Organizations: Seminar
Prosecution Policies and Strategy at the International Criminal Court
Public International Law
Public International Law B1 (1L)
Public International Law B2 (1L)
Recent Disputes in International Trade: Reading Group
Roman Law: Reading Group
Sex Equality
Taxation: Comparative Tax Law and Policy
Taxation: Foreign Investment by U.S. Companies: Reading Group
Taxation: International Aspects of U.S. Income Taxation
Topics in Human Rights Law and Practice: LLM Concentrators' Writing and Presentation Seminar
Trade Secrecy: Seminar
What we Owe to Others: Readings in Talmud and Jewish Law: Reading Group
Workshop on Crime and Criminal Justice Reform in Global Context


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