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HLS students may draw on the more than 400 offerings at the Law School, including more than 85 courses and reading groups in which international, comparative, or foreign law plays an important role. Scores of students also take part in law clinics focused on international matters. Many courses reach far beyond the pages of a casebook and provide students opportunities to learn about issues in unique and powerful ways.

For example:

  • Great Negotiators, Effective Diplomacy and Intractable Conflicts (Professor Robert Mnookin and Professor James Sebenius) explores the successes and limitations of using modern diplomacy and negotiation to address international conflicts. Students analyze case studies, engage in class debates, make presentations, and draw upon current projects throughout the University, including the Program on Negotiation and the Kennedy School’s Future of Diplomacy Project.
  • Comparative Online Privacy (Professor of Practice Urs Gasser) is an interactive seminar in which students examine the latest developments in online privacy law, with a focus on business data and consumer privacy. Students will utilize case studies and investigate emerging issue areas, and identify and discuss future scenarios for online privacy in the globalized economy.
  • Combating the Human Costs of Armed Conflict (Ms. Bonnie Docherty) is a clinical seminar component of the International Human Rights Clinic, in which students consider the scope and effectiveness of international humanitarian law, international criminal law, and international human rights law in reducing the human cost of war. Students will build advocacy skills through fact-finding and treaty negotiation role plays, and examine new approaches to alleviating civilian suffering, such as humanitarian disarmament and post-conflict victim assistance.

In addition, HLS hosts a wide range of visiting faculty and lecturers during the academic year.

The Law School also provides an array of opportunities for students to conduct research or study abroad, and take classes elsewhere at Harvard University, the Fletcher School at Tufts University, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, through cross-registration and enrollment in joint degree programs. The HLS Academic Affairs Office provides descriptions of sample courses of study for several areas of focus within international and comparative law, which also includes links to cross-registration courses possibly of interest at the aforementioned schools.

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