Biographies of 2002 Chayes Fellows

During the summer of 2002, 20 Chayes Fellows were selected to work for organizations and governments in 11 different countries. Their biographical information at the time of their Fellowship was as follows:

Carley Andrews - International Rescue Committee, Bosnia
Carley has a strong interest in international human rights law, immigration and refugee law, and efforts to facilitate community participation in civil society development after conflict. Her past studies focused on history and South Asian government and politics. Carley's research and writing include work on affirmative action policy in India and on the interaction of dalit movements with the Indian law and constitution. During the 2000-2001 academic year Carley co-founded the Winnipeg Refugee Education Network to raise awareness of refugee issues and provide direct support for refugees facing the challenge of adjusting to Canadian society. She is currently an editor for the Harvard International Law Journal.

Delayne Austin - International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda
Delayne has a strong background in public interest legal work, having completed internships at the Ontario Human Rights Commission, Boston Children's Legal Services and the Georgetown Criminal Justice Institute. After spending a semester in Mali, West Africa and participating in a symposium on international conflict resolution in the Hague last summer, Delayne has focused her interest on international human rights and global conflict prevention. Her undergraduate thesis explored French memory of France's role in the Holocaust. Delayne is especially interested in working with survivor testimonies and in learning about how societies rebuild themselves in the wake of genocide.

Parth Chanda - World Bank, Washington DC
Parth is interested in the role of law and legal and political institutions in economic and social development in the developing world. Prior to attending Harvard Law School, he worked at a domestic branch of ACCION International, a leading organization in the field of microcredit loans, as well as at a technology firm in Washington designing e-government applications. As a joint JD-MPA candidate at the Kennedy School of Government last year, Parth helped start the Student Global AIDS Campaign to raise awareness and mobilize political support for US funding to fight the global HIV/AIDS pandemic.

Sara Clevering - Office of the High Representative, Bosnia
Sara is a first year student at Harvard Law School. She is interested in human rights, refugee law, and economic development. Prior to coming to law school, she lived for two years in the Czech Republic teaching English. Sara currently works on the Harvard International Law Journal and has volunteered with Harvard Tax Help and the Harvard Mediation Project.

Susan Farbstein - International Center for Transitional Justice, New York
Susan's academic background is in international relations with a focus on transitional justice. Before coming to Harvard, Susan was an Overseas Trust Scholar at the University of Cambridge, where she received an M.Phil. in international relations. Her thesis was published by the European Centre for Minority Issues, and examined the International Criminal Court's complementary jurisdictional regime. Her undergraduate thesis at Princeton analyzed the transition to democracy in Argentina following the dirty war, and was based upon interviews and research conducted in Buenos Aires. Susan is affiliated with the Harvard Human Rights Journal and the Project on Justice in Times of Transition.

Laurel Firestone - Socio-Environmental Institute - Law Program, Brazil
Laurel has a passion for international environmental law. From 2000 to 2001 she worked with IMAZON, a small Brazilian environmental research NGO located in Belém, Pará, on the mouth of the Amazon. Her work there focused on the use of satellite imagery and GIS to monitor forest degradation, and the role of this technology in forestry law enforcement. She is active in the Harvard Environmental Law Society's Environmental Working Group, a member of the Steering Committee of the Harvard University Center for the Environment, and article and submissions editor on the Harvard Environmental Law Review. She holds an A.B. in Environmental Studies from Brown University.

Mark Gurevich - Human Rights Chamber, Bosnia
Mark is interested in international law and human rights. Prior to coming to Harvard, Mark worked as an engineer at Kraft Foods Research & Development. He also volunteered with the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society in Chicago. Mark is affiliated with the Harvard International Law Journal and plans to focus his studies on public international law.

Brandon Hofmeister - National Prosecuting Authority, South Africa
Brandon has a keen interest in creating equal opportunities for disadvantaged populations to succeed in life. He studied government at Harvard College, where he spent two summers working on Health Care Policy at the White House. After college, Brandon worked for the United States Golf Association Foundation, which aspires to change lives by creating golf instruction and mentoring programs for economically disadvantaged youth and individuals with disabilities. This summer, he will be working for the South African National Prosecuting Authority in Cape Town, focusing on organized crime prosecution. He hopes to eventually run for office in his home state of Michigan.

Suzanne Katzenstein - Commission for Reception, Truth and Reconciliation, East Timor
Suzanne has a background in South Asian Studies and Political Science. Before attending Harvard Law School, she spent a year in Varanasi, India studying Hindi, and a year in Delhi on a Fulbright research scholarship. Suzanne is also interested in US prisoner rights, and has worked as an Everett Intern at Human Rights Watch, and volunteered at New York Prisoner Legal Services. Suzanne is an executive editor for the Harvard Human Rights Journal.

Tom Kellogg - UNAIDS, China
Tom has a background in international human rights with a focus on East Asia. Before coming to Harvard, Tom worked for the Asia Division of Human Rights Watch and did graduate work in Nanjing, China. While at Harvard, Tom has worked for the Immigration and Refugee Clinic and the Harvard Human Rights Journal, and is the incoming editor-in-chief of the Journal. Tom spent last summer with the Hong Kong Human Rights Monitor, a local NGO focused on human rights protection and rule of law issues, and while there authored a report on national security law and human rights in Hong Kong. Tom plans to continue his study of international human rights law, and is especially interested in the use of international legal norms to combat broader societal problems, including ethnic conflict, HIV/AIDS, and worker rights.

Sharon Kelly - UN Department of Peacekeeping Operations East Timor, New York
Sharon is a first year student at Harvard Law School with an interest in international political processes and institutions. Her undergraduate concentration was in culture, politics and international relations. Before coming to Harvard, she worked on the staff of several political campaigns. She has also interned at the State Department.

Amanda Kosonen - World Bank, Washington DC
Amanda has an academic background in international relations and political economy. She aspires to work on issues related to trade and democracy in transitional societies. Her regional expertise is in Central and Eastern Europe; and she spent a summer at the University of Helsinki doing research on transition and security issues in the Baltic region. Prior to attending Harvard Law School, Amanda worked in labor policy and did research on issues related to employment. Amanda is affiliated with the International Law Journal and is the chair of the European Law Association.

Imraan Mir - International Crisis Group, India, Pakistan & Belgium
Imraan is a first-year law student interested in international conflict resolution, post-conflict reconstruction, and economic and social rights in the "developing" world. He is particularly interested in Central and South Asia. His previous research in the region examined the effects of political conflict on religious groups and cultural practice in Kashmir. His legal interests focus on the applicability and/or inapplicability of human rights and international law to situations of armed conflict. He is affiliated with the Project on Justice in Times of Transition and the Human Rights Program at Harvard Law School.

Tanya Monforte - Northern Ireland Assembly
Tanya graduated with a degree in philosophy, and wrote her senior thesis on problems of cultural relativism. She later did graduate work at the International Institute for the Sociology of Law, located in the Basque Country. Her research included analysis of methodologies for studying national conflicts. She spent almost four years living in the Basque Country and as a result her primary research interest is the conflict between the Basque nation and the Spanish state. She plans to pursue her research in this field, focusing in particular on frameworks for conflict resolution.

Jeffrey Pojanowski - Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, Albania
Jeffrey is interested in civil society and rule of law in nations in transition as well as political and moral philosophy. Prior to coming to Harvard Law, he worked in Washington, DC as the governmental and diplomatic liaison for the Wheelchair Foundation. He studied public policy as an undergraduate at Princeton's Woodrow Wilson School and spent a semester studying and writing on Australian politics and jurisprudence at the University of Melbourne. At Harvard, he has affiliations with the International Law Journal, the Human Rights Journal and the Catholic Law Students Association.

Susan Rohol - International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda
Susan has a background in finance, government and international affairs and has a strong interest in international human rights law. Prior to attending Harvard Law School, she worked as a Small Enterprise Development volunteer for the Peace Corps in Senegal, West Africa. She has also worked for Florida's Office of the Attorney General and the Juvenile Advocacy Project of Palm Beach, Florida's Legal Aid. Susan is currently affiliated with the Harvard Human Rights Journal, the Harvard Civil Rights-Civil Liberties Law Review, as well as Harvard's Prison Legal Assistance Project.

Anna Rotman - International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda
Anna has an academic background in international politics and is interested in issues relating to transitional justice and rule of law. Prior to beginning her studies at Harvard Law School, Anna worked in corporate development at THINQ Learning Solutions, a software start-up, where she gained exposure to organizational management techniques. During the 2001-02 academic year, she worked with the International Law Journal, the Student Activities Council and the Prison Legal Assistance Project. She is fluent in French and Spanish, having studied and worked in France and Spain.

Diana Rutowski - Legal Aid of Cambodia
Diana is interested in the role of NGOs in the protection of human rights in parts of the world that are transitioning toward democracy. While pursuing her undergraduate degree, Diana arranged independent study projects while working with various community-based organizations in Uganda, Kenya, and India. Her undergraduate thesis explored the efforts of a rural community resource center to empower women socially and economically in Ugunja, Kenya.

Sean Stacy - Northern Ireland Assembly

Will Stephens - Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe Mission, Bosnia
Will is interested in learning more about democratic elections processes in transitional societies. Before coming to Harvard he graduated from Indiana University in Bloomington, and received a Fulbright grant to complete his master's degree on the European Union in Germany. He has also worked as an intern at the State of California's Trade and Investment Office in London and worked on a fish farm in Southern Dalmatia. Will also speaks German fluently and is an officer for the Harvard Law Democrats. In addition to helping the OSCE with their projects in Sarajevo, he also hopes to become more fluent in Croatian-Bosnian-Serbian language during his stay in Bosnia.
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