Biographies of 2003 Chayes Fellows

During the summer of 2003, 22 Chayes Fellows were selected to work for organizations and governments in 17 different countries. Their biographical information at the time of their Fellowship was as follows:

Lauren Boccardi - International Rescue Committee, New York
Lauren would like to pursue a career in international public interest law. Before beginning law school, she worked for a year researching women's rights issues and teaching English in Oaxaca, Mexico. She has also worked with refugees seeking asylum in Switzerland and interned at Human Rights Watch. She is currently pursuing a joint degree with the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy.

Jennifer Chien - United Nations Development Program, Mongolia
Jennifer has a strong interest in international development, particularly involving economic development, microfinance and civil society growth. She has worked in microfinance at World Council of Credit Unions, an international NGO, where she researched and advocated for legislation and regulation conducive to fostering the growth of community financial institutions. Jennifer has performed extensive research on ethnic conflict and its ties to economic conditions and the suppression of civil society development in Indonesia, and has interned at USAID in the Office of Transition Initiative. She is an Associate Editor for Harvard Asia Quarterly, and is involved in the International Law Journal.

Mark Conrad - International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, Tanzania
After graduating in 2001 from Princeton University where he studied political science, Mark spent last year teaching English at the Foreign Affairs College in Beijing through a fellowship with the Princeton-in-Asia program. His international experience also includes participation in two community service work camps in Israel and service on the board of directors of a non-profit organization called Pilgrims of Ibillin that is dedicated to promoting peace and reconciliation in the Middle East. An editor on the staff of both the Human Rights Journal and the International Law Journal, he spent his free time during the first year of law school attempting to learn the game of squash.

Clinton Dick - Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, Austria
Clinton is a first year law student at Harvard Law School. He received a Bachelor of Arts in political science from Ohio Dominican University in Columbus, where he graduated summa cum laude and with honors. His honors thesis focused on the Nuremberg Tribunals and the development of human rights and international law. In the fall of 2001 Clinton interned at the United States Department of State and the office of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, where he worked on issues related to human rights and counter-terrorism. He has also traveled to Kosovo as a representative of the U.S. government to monitor the first Kosovo national assembly election.

Monica Eav - European Roma Rights Center, Hungary
Monica is interested in pursuing a career in international public service and human rights work. After graduating from Harvard University, she spent a year in the Philippines as a Fulbright Scholar, volunteering in her free time for Bahay Tuluyan, a Manila-based NGO for street children's rights and education. Upon her return to the United States, she volunteered for two years at Lutheran Children and Family Services' Immigration Program in Philadelphia, helping primarily West African immigrants to apply for political and religious asylum in the United States. During the same two years, she also worked full-time tutoring, teaching and running community service projects with at-risk youth in public schools in Philadelphia, PA. As a result of these experiences, she has developed a passionate interest in minority rights, youth rights, and support for victims of human rights abuses.

Dimitrios Efstathiou - European Roma Rights Center, Hungary
Dimitrios is a first-year law student interested in ethno-national minorities and international conflict resolution. His undergraduate work included class work on political theory, religion and language, with a special emphasis on Southeastern Europe. While pursuing his BA, Dimitrios interned at the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as a local Minneapolis-based hip-hop record label. Prior to attending Harvard Law School, he was an investigative analyst for two years in the Rackets Bureau of the Manhattan District Attorney's Office, where he not only gained substantial legal experience, but also utilized his language skills in assisting long-term organized crime investigations. Next year Dimitrios will be attending the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University.

Rosalee Francis - Instituto Socio-Ambiental, Brazil
Rose is a first-year law student with a background in political economy and a strong interest in sustainable development and socially responsible environmental policy. Prior to attending Harvard Law School, she performed quantitative research on the behavioral impacts of jurisprudential rulings on social policy for a professor at Stanford Law School. She subsequently served as an intern for Students Helping Street Kids International, teaching English at a small community professional school in Recife, Brazil. Rose is currently a technical editor for the Harvard Environmental Law Journal and a member of the board of the Harvard Environmental Law Society.

William Gerard - Institute for Policy and Legal Studies, Albania
William's interests include public sector reform and rule of law. He is particularly interested in post-communist societies, the environmental challenges of economic globalization and the role of resource scarcity in international conflict. Before attending Harvard Law School, he was a Peace Corps volunteer and for five years managed USAID-funded women's health and public/private health sector reform projects in Eastern Europe, Africa, Central Asia, and the Middle East. He has lived in the Middle East and the Balkans. At Harvard Law School, William is an Article Editor for the Harvard Environmental Law Review and a member of the Environmental Law Society.

Laura Hildner - American Bar Association / Central and Eastern European Law Initiative, Bosnia

Michael Jacobsohn - American Bar Association / Central and Eastern European Law Initiative, Russia
As an undergraduate at Harvard College Michael concentrated in Slavic Languages and Literatures. After graduating he attended Oxford University on a Marshall Scholarship, where he received a Masters of Philosophy in Russian and East European Studies. His master's thesis focused on issues relating to post-Soviet Russian-Israeli relations. In addition, Michael has interned with the State Department in Moscow. His interests include development of democratic institutions in post-communist states and the interaction between such states and trans-national organizations.

Laura Kim - United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, Thailand
Laura is a concurrent degree student at Harvard Law School and the Regional Studies: East Asia (RSEA) master's program. She graduated from the University of Chicago with concentrations in Political Science and East Asian Languages & Civilizations. After graduating she conducted a fellowship in Seoul, South Korea. Her primary interests center on issues involving prostitution, sex tourism, and trafficking in human beings. She has worked with grass-roots non-governmental organizations that promote the social and economic rights of sex workers in Thailand and the Netherlands. In addition Laura has done public defense work in the Bronx and political asylum clinical work through the Law School. She also enjoys teaching and has, in the pre-Lewinsky days, interned at the White House.

Naomi Loewith - International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, Tanzania
Naomi's interest in international relations and human rights was shaped by the time that she has spent studying in Canada, Japan, Israel, Scotland and England. Her undergraduate thesis focused on the legal, social and political facets of the AIDS pandemic in Africa. After a year of studying international relations at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, where she focused on democratization and terrorism, she interned at the International Centre for Security Analysis in London. She is currently a member of the Roma Rights Working Group and the graduate student representative to Harvard's Scholars at Risk Committee. Naomi plans to focus on international human rights law, and is particularly interested in Africa and Eastern Europe.

James Luh - Transparency International-Kenya, Kenya
James is interested in issues of corruption, governance, and accountability in public, private, and nonprofit institutions. Before beginning his law studies, he worked as a marketing analyst for an Internet company and as a professional journalist. He has also worked as an intern for Transparency International-USA in Washington, DC.

Ory Okolloh - World Bank, Washington, DC
Ory is a first-year law student from Kenya with a strong interest in law and development and the role that law reform can play in implementing good governance and anti-corruption measures in the developing world. She is also interested in promoting and sustaining economic and social rights, as well as developing workable political models in sub-Saharan Africa. Ory has an academic background in political science, with a concentration on Africa and Latin America. She has conducted research on the democratic transition in Kenya and worked as a consultant on civic education in Kenya for USAID. She has also worked for Pittsburgh Action Against Rape, Kirkpatrick and Lockhart, and interned with the ACLU and the Institute for Education in Democracy in Kenya. Ory currently works with the Harvard Human Rights Journal and the HLS Advocates for Human Rights, and is a Vice-President of the Harvard Africa Law Association.

Clifford Sarkin - National Prosecuting Authority, South Africa
Cliff is a first year student at Harvard Law School with a keen interest in public policy and the domestic law. His undergraduate concentration was in contemporary American politics and history and before coming to Harvard University, he did an internship at the Justice Department. During his affiliation with the Justice Department he helped lead the Children Exposed to Violence Initiative, a nation-wide effort to assist young victims of abuse and neglect. It was his experience with government work that led him to study law. Cliff hopes to use his experience in South Africa to gain insight into innovative governmental procedures and criminal prosecutorial efforts abroad.

Ommeed Sathe - United States Agency for International Development, Washington, DC)
Ommeed is interested in international development, particularly the interaction between domestic and international legal frameworks in the context of development efforts. Prior to coming to Harvard, Ommeed worked at the Clinton Foundation where he developed a variety of initiatives in response to the Global AIDS Crisis. He graduated from Columbia University with a dual degree in Urban Studies and Neuroscience and is considering a joint Masters degree in Urban Planning. Among his topical interests at the Law School are intellectual property, urbanization, and housing/land use policy.

Matt Smith - Centre for Peace, Non-Violence and Human Rights, Croatia
Matt has a strong interest the former Yugoslavia, especially Croatia. He served as a missionary in Croatia from 1998 to 2000 and during his time there he was involved with multiple projects, including teaching English and working with orphanages. In 2002 he served as an unofficial translator and assistant to the 2002 Macedonian Winter Olympic team in Salt Lake City. Matt received a zoology degree from Brigham Young University and is currently studying at Harvard Law School.

Kathie Soroka - Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, Poland
Kathie has an interest in international cooperation and the evolution of political institutions. The child of immigrants, she speaks fluent Polish and has watched the political and economic developments in Poland closely. Prior to attending Harvard Law School, she completed an undergraduate degree in politics at Washington and Lee University. Kathie has interned for the US House Committee on Ways and Means, and completed a year of volunteer service, living in intentional community and working at Chicago Uptown Ministry. Currently, Kathie is affiliated with the Catholic Law Students Association, performs with an improvisational comedy troupe, and serves as the Basic Trainer for the Harvard Mediation Program.

Jesse Tampio - Office of the Public Protector, South Africa
Jesse grew up in Rockville, MD, where he attended an International Baccalaureate program for high school students. He studied at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill and graduated with a degree in Religious Studies. He also spent his junior year studying at the University of Bologna, Italy. After graduation, he spent four years working as a publicist for Wynton Marsalis and Jazz at Lincoln Center. In the fall, he will be a second-year student at Harvard Law School.

Sergiu Troie - Afghans for Civil Society, Afghanistan
Sergiu is interested in international human rights, transitions to democracy and national reconstruction. Before coming to Harvard University, Sergiu received a Masters degree from the School of Slavonic and East European Studies at University College in London, where his studies focused on post-communism, nationalism and identity politics. Before attending law school Sergiu worked as a research assistant for the Carr Center for Human Rights Policy at the Kennedy School of Government where he worked with Samantha Power on her book A Problem from Hell: America and the Age of Genocide. Sergiu has been affiliated with the Harvard International Law Journal and the Harvard Human Rights Journal and plans to concentrate his studies on comparative and international law.

Michelle Viegas - Project ATLATL, Mexico
Prior to attending law school, Michelle worked as an educational volunteer in Buenos Aires, Argentina, aiding in the development of bilingual schools. As a law student, she is interested in the interplay of political institutions, the law and the private sector in the economic and social development of Latin American countries. This summer she will contribute to the USAID-funded Project ATLATL in Mexico City, which seeks to support Mexican government entities and civil society organizations in the design and implementation of strategies to foster transparency and curb corruption. She is an officer of the Harvard Latin American Law Society and is affiliated with the International Law Journal.

Cynthia Weiss - International Centre for Ethnic Studies, Sri Lanka
Before coming to Harvard Law School Cynthia studied Chinese intellectual history, earning a Masters in Philosophy focused on the Han dynasty Confucianism. At Harvard Law School her studies are focused on international and comparative law and she is interested in particular in how power structures are constructed and legitimated in different societies. Cynthia spent one year studying in China and has traveled extensively throughout China and Southeast Asia.

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