Finding housing in a foreign country can be challenging. Students should evaluate not only the accommodation’s cost and condition, but also its location (for both safety and convenience). They should also be careful to understand the terms of any rental agreement.  The following are potential sources of helpful housing information:

  • Colleges or Universities: Many universities have student housing options that may be available. A university’s student housing office can also be a good source for finding off-campus housing options.
  • Local Organizations: If a student is working for or affiliated with an organization abroad, the organization’s employees are also a potential source of housing information.
  • HLS Students: HLS students who have spent time studying or working abroad are often a good source of advice on housing. LLM and SJD students from the country to which one is traveling are often great resources.
  • Internet Resources:

Craigslist: Extensive classified advertising website; includes housing ads for many large cities around the world.
Transitions Abroad: Provides information on a range of housing options, including hostels, hotels, homestays, and others, as well as various living abroad resources, including country-specific sections on housing and real estate.
Couchsurfing: More focused on short-term stays, but can serve as a temporary housing solution that allows students to look for longer-term accommodations while in-country.

Note: HLS is not affiliated with any of the websites listed; the links are provided for informational purposes only, and their listing should not be considered an endorsement from HLS.

Last modified: April 15, 2014

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