Art of Social Change: Readings
Fall-Spring - 2005-06

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ClassTopicGuest SpeakersReadings
Sept. 8Introductory SessionElizabeth Bartholet, CAP Faculty Director and Professor of Law

Jessica Budnitz, CAP Administrative Director and Lecturer on Law
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Sept. 22Big Picture: Overview of Children's Issues, Interests and RightsBarbara Woodhouse, Director and Chair in Family Law, Center on Children and the Law, University of FloridaAssignment Packet #2
Oct. 6Working from Within for Reform: Heading State Child Protection SystemsHarry Spence, Commissioner, Massachusetts Department of Social Services

Nicholas Scoppetta, Former Commissioner, Administration for Children's Services, New York City
Assignment Packet #3
Nov. 10Protecting Children Globally: Pros & Cons of International AdoptionJakob Doek, Chair, United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child

Jane Aronson, Executive Medical Director and Founder, Worldwide Orphans Foundation

*This session is being held in conjunction with the International Advocates for Children conference and will be held in Austin North (instead of our regular classroom).
Assignment Packet #4
Nov. 17Working from Outside to Reform the Child Protection System: Cooperation as vs Challenge; Research as vs AdvocacyMark Testa, Director, Children and Family Research Center, School of Social Work, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Marcia Lowry, Executive Director, Children's Rights
Assignment Packet #5
Dec. 1Working from Within to Reform the Child Protective System: The U.S. Congress and the Cook County, IL Public Guardian's OfficeCassie Statuto Bevan, Staff Director of U.S. House of Representatives Subcommittee on Human Resources of Committee on Ways and Means, Senior Policy Advisor to House Majority Leader on Child Welfare Issues

Patrick Murphy, Judge, Circuit Court of Cook County, and former Director of the Cook County Public Guardian's Office
Assignment Packet #6
Feb. 9Promising Reform Initiative: The Federal Adoption & Safe Families ActRichard Barth, Director, School of Social Work at University of North CarolinaAssignment Packet #7
Feb. 16Promising Reform Initiative: Intensive Early Home VisitationDavid Olds, Professor of Pediatrics and Director, Prevention Research Center for Family and Child Health

Suzin Bartley, Executive Director, MA Children's Trust Fund

Jennifer Atler, Executive Director, Invest in Kids
Assignment Packet #8

Supplement for #8
March 2Lawyering for Children: The Need and the ChallengeMargaret Marshall, Chief Justice, Supreme Judicial Court of MassachusettsAssignment Packet #9
March 9Promising Reform Initiative: Family Drug CourtsJudith Kaye, Chief Judge of the State of New York, New York State Court of Appeals

Gloria Sosa-Lintner, Family Court Judge, New York County

Edwina G. Richardson, Family Court Judge, Queens County

Nicolette M. Pach, Family Court Judge, Suffolk County (Retired)

*This session will be held in POUND 101.
Assignment Packet #10
March 16Promising Reform Initiatives: Innovative Educational InitiativesRick Weissbourd, Lecturer in Education, Harvard University John F. Kennedy School of Government

Kyle Dodson, Principal, Lee Academy

*This session will be held in POUND 101.
Assignment Packet #11
April 6Troubled Reform Initiatives: Problematic Trends in Juvenile JusticeRoderick Ireland, Associate Justice, Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts

Francine Sherman, Director, Juvenile Rights Advocacy Project at Boston College Law School

Tim Carey, Juvenile Court Probation Officer, Cambridge

Tom Coury, Executive Director, Gardiner Howland Shaw Foundation

*This session will be held in POUND 101.
Assignment Packet #12
April 20Starting a Child-focused Social Change Organization & Leveraging the Media, Private Sector, and Philanthropic CommunityJustin Pasquariello, Founder and Executive Director, AFC Mentoring

Terrence Stevens, Founder and CEO, In Arms Reach

Matt Dalio, Founder, China Care Foundation

Lynn Girton, Chief Counsel, Volunteer Lawyers Project of the Boston Bar Association

*This session will be held in LANGDELL NORTH.
Assignment Packet #13


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