Event: CAP - Fall 2013

Making Bitter Chocolate Sweet: The Milton Hershey School's Past and Hoped for Future
Presentation and Discussion with former Harvard Law School Visiting Scholar F. Frederic (Ric) Fouad

Tues, Oct 29, 2013
5 PM
WCC 2004
Harvard Law School
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Pizza from The Just Crust.

Video Recording:  This event was streamed live for those unable to participate in person, and a video recording of that stream is presented here.

PowerPoint Presentation: Click here for Fouad's corresponding PowerPoint Presentation. 

Presentation Description: With $11 billion in resources flowing from the Hershey chocolate fortune, including 10,000 acres of land, state of the art school buildings, and $100,000 annual spending per child, the Milton Hershey School Trust should be the greatest savior of at-risk children in history. But as guest speaker Ric Fouad will describe, Hershey child welfare failures have been many, and the facility’s growth was stunted. Focusing this time on student programs at the K-12 residential school, founded as an orphanage in 1909, the presentation will add a chapter to Ric’s 2010 CAP talk, “The Chocolate Heist,” which focused on resource misuse. Included will be proposals for better leveraging Hershey’s vast resources. Those interested in children’s rights, charitable trusts, and government oversight will find the presentation and Q&A provocative and worthwhile. (By way of background, you can view “The Chocolate Heist” here or here. You can also read a related article in The Nation here.)  

Presenter Bio:  F. Frederic (Ric) Fouad has a Japan-focused commercial law practice spanning 23 years, including securities, hedge fund compliance, and civil rights. He began his career at Jones, Day, Reavis & Pogue before serving in-house at Taisei Corporation, a Japanese construction company. He is presently General Counsel at Lexington Corporation, a Japanese financial advisory firm. Ric was a 2009-2010 Harvard Law School Visiting Scholar, is fluent in Japanese, and is adjunct faculty at Temple Law School’s Japan Campus. Ric is the president of Protect The Hersheys' Children. He also serves on the advisory boards of the Hannah Arendt Center at Bard College and the International Honors Program of World Learning, in Brattleboro, VT. His pro bono activities include refugee property restoration in Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina as well as a 14-year effort to gain Hershey reforms. Ric received his B.A. cum laude from Penn and his J.D. from NYU. Ric was separated from his family as a child and spent his formative years in various forms of residential care, including foster care and seven years at the Milton Hershey School, circumstances that inform his child welfare activism.

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