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An Agenda for China and the United States

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June 18-20, 2010 • Nanjing, China

The seventh annual China-U.S. Symposium was held at the Purple Palace hotel and convention center in Nanjing, China. With robust growth in China and an apparent recovery in the U.S., participants focused their attention on how to ensure financial stability and continued economic growth in the world economy. Sessions addressed the macroeconomic bases of the post-crisis global financial system, lessons of the crisis for corporate governance of financial institutions, and how to balance financial regulation with promotion of innovation in the two economies.

• The Macroeconomics of the Post-Crisis Global Financial System
• Corporate Governance for the Financial Institutions: Lessons from the Crisis
• Balancing Regulation and Innovation in the U.S. and Chinese Financial Systems

Keynote Speakers
• Robert Dohner, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Asia, U.S. Department of the Treasury
• Niu Ximing, President, Bank of Communications
• Stephen Roach, Chairman, Morgan Stanley Asia
• Zhao Kezhi, Executive Vice Governor, Jiangsu Province, China

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