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An Agenda for Europe and the United States

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February 27-March 1, 2002 • Rüschlikon, Switzerland

At the first annual Europe-U.S. Symposium, participants raised and discussed topics they saw as key for Europe and the U.S. The topics included the purpose of pension reform, the relation between the pension system and the economy, the need for transparency and consumer understanding of the pension system, changing the balance among the three pillars, the government role in the pension system, the problems of diversifying savings portfolios, and the need for portability. Cutting across these topics are various themes, such as the long time it takes to accomplish reform. A major theme of the discussion was how pension reform must reshape expectations. 

•  Pension Reform
•  International Disclosure Standards
•  Fighting Economic Crimes Against the International Financial System

Keynote Speakers
•  Susan S. Bies, Board Member, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
•  Andrew Crockett, General Manager, Bank for International Settlements
•  Philippe Maystadt, President and Chairman, Board of Directors, European Investment Bank

Symposium Materials
•  Agenda
•  Final Report

2002 Europe-U.S. Symposium Sponsors

Lead Sponsor:
• SwissRe Insurance Company

• American International Group, Inc.
• Barclays Capital
• Credit Suisse Group
• Deutsche Bank AG
• Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein
• GE Capital Europe Limited
• Goldman Sachs International
• JPMorgan
• Nordea
• Schroder Salomon Barney
• State Street
• Swedbank

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