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An Agenda for Europe and the United States

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November 14-16, 2003 • Armonk, New York

The second annual Europe-U.S. Symposium was held at the Executive Planning Center of Citigroup in Armonk, New York during a period rife with transatlantic financial issues. A gap in financial policy appeared to have opened between Europe and the United States. The two regions had adopted different approaches to the same issue, sometimes impeding transatlantic financial transactions. Is the gap serious? Is it growing? How should it be dealt with? These were the basic topics for discussion throughout the Symposium. 

•  (Dis)harmonization of Regulation
•  Management of the U.S.-EU Financial Relationship
•  Causes of the Breach Over Financial Issues: The Iraq War, the Bubble Burst, and Other Forces

Keynote Speakers
•  Roel Campos, Commissioner, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
•  Randal K. Quarles, Assistant Secretary for International Affairs, U.S. Department of the Treasury
•  Alexander Schaub, Director-General, Internal Market, European Commission

Symposium Materials
Final Report
Final Presentation

2003 Europe-U.S. Symposium Sponsors

Lead Sponsors:
• Citigroup, Inc.
• SwissRe Insurance Company

• American International Group, Inc.
• The Bond Market Association
• Deutsche Bank AG
• Goldman Sachs International
• Mercer Oliver Wyman
• Swiss National Bank
• Telecom Italia S.P.A.

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