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An Agenda for Japan and the United States

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July 17-19, 1998 • Chatham, Massachusetts

The first annual Japan-U.S. Symposium was held the Wequassett Inn in Chatham, Massachusetts on Cape Cod. It came at a crucial time since the Asian financial crisis, affecting most notably Indonesia, Thailand, and South Korea, was still ongoing. And the Japanese financial system was in a prolonged and severe crisis that was deeply affecting the Japanese economy, was contributing to the more general Asian situation, and threatened to affect the United States. Former Prime Minister Hashimoto had resigned and his successor, now Prime Minister Obuchi, had yet to be chosen. The Symposium brought together more than 100 senior government policy makers, academics, legal experts and bankers to discuss three issues: (1) Japan’s Big Bang, which included the general reforms of the financial system as well as devising solutions to the banking system crisis; (2) the role of the US and Japan in dealing with the Asian financial crisis; and (3) whether there was a need for international financial regulation.

•  Japan's Big Bang
•  The Asian Financial Crisis
•  International Financial Regulation

Symposium Materials
Final Report

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