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An Agenda for Japan and the United States

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September 30-October 2, 2005 • Gotemba, Japan

The eighth annual Japan-U.S. Symposium was held at the Keidanren Guesthouse in Gotemba. Sessions considered the purpose of corporations and markets for corporate control in Japan and the United States, the management and regulation of large complex financial institutions, and reform of the Japanese postal financial institutions in the context of lessons from GSE regulation in the United States. A substantial majority of participants expressed positive evaluations concerning the short- to medium-term prospects of the Japanese and U.S. economies, and so discussion was able to focus on more long-term and fundamental issues of concern. Much of the discussion concerned general principles, while discussion of specific issues focused on Japan. On the one hand, considerable optimism was expressed regarding improvements in market discipline of corporations in Japan. On the other, concerns were raised about the benefits of financial conglomeration and the privatization process of postal savings and insurance. Discussion of the purpose of corporations and contestability of corporate control revolved around several main points. With regard to the basic question of the purpose of corporations, both continuing differences of perception and ...more...

•  Capitalism in Japan and the United States: The Purpose of Corporations and the Contestability of Corporate Control
•  Management and Regulation of Large Complex Financial Institutions
•  Reform of the Postal Savings and Insurance System in Japan and Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in the U.S.

Symposium Materials
Final Report

We offer our gracious thanks to the 2005 Japan-U.S. Symposium sponsors for their generous support of this year's event. Please click here to view our sponsoring organizations.

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