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An Agenda for Japan and the United States

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September 14-16, 2007 • Harvard Law School, Cambridge, Massachusetts

The tenth annual Japan-U.S. Symposium was held at Harvard Law School. Sessions considered the competitiveness of Tokyo and New York as global financial market centers, financial regulatory enforcement systems in Japan and the United States, and retrospective views of both the symposium itself and a decade of financial reform in Japan. Participants recognized significant improvements in the Japanese financial regulatory system and the health of the Japanese financial sector over the previous decade, while expressing concerns about aspects of financial market regulation in both Japan and the United States. There was also considerable concern and uncertainty as to the implications for U.S., Japanese, and global financial markets of the ongoing subprime mortgage-backed securities crisis. An important theme of this year’s Symposium was the growing feeling that U.S. capital markets may no longer be leading the world as a model of financial market and regulatory efficiency. Similarly, there were questions raised about the ...more...

•  The Competitiveness of Capital Markets in Japan and the U.S.
•  Financial Regulatory Enforcement Systems in Japan and the U.S.
•  Retrospective Views on 10 Years of the Symposium and of Financial Reform in Japan and the U.S.

Symposium Materials
Final Plenary Presentation
Final Report

We offer our gracious thanks to the 2007 Japan-U.S. Symposium sponsors for their generous support of this year's event. Please click here to view our sponsoring organizations.

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