Program on Behavioral Economics and Public Policy

The Program on Behavioral Economics and Public Policy studies a range of issues at the intersection of behavioral economics, law, and public policy. The issues include energy, health, obesity, highway safety, economic growth, finance, the environment (including climate change), savings, uses of social media, human rights, education, discrimination, and poverty. A particular emphasis is on behaviorally informed tools, such as default rules, norms, simplification, education, and warnings . There is continuing attention to the newest and best work in behavioral economics and its implications for public policy.

News and Events

Social Media and Behavioral Economics
February 6, 2013

On February 6, 2013 scholars from across Harvard University joined social media experts from Facebook, Twitter, Socialflow and Microsoft Research for the Social Media and Behavioral Economics Conference.  The event focused on social media, theory and practice, and their potential effects on voting behavior, electricity consumption, pro-social behavior and privacy. For more information and videos from the conference, see the HLS news story.

Upcoming Events

The Brain and Public Policy
September 2013
check back for details

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