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April 26, 2006

On April 26, 2006, a dealmaking symposium was held at Harvard Law School to examine the Oracle-PeopleSoft hostile takeover contest from 2003-2004. The commentaries on the Oracle-PeopleSoft case study examined implications of the deal for courts, policymakers, and practitioners. The participants in the symposium are Professor Jennifer Arlen (NYU), David Millstone, and Professor Guhan Subramanian (Harvard). The symposium, which will be published by The Harvard Negotiation Law Review includes the following papers:

David Millstone & Guhan Subramanian, Oracle-PeopleSoft: A Case Study

Jennifer Arlen, Regulating Post-Bid Embedded Defenses: Lessons from Oracle versus PeopleSoft

David Millstone, Between Wilmington and Washington: Lessons from Oracle-PeopleSoft

Guhan Subramanian, Bargaining in the Shadow of PeopleSoft's (Defective) Poison Pill