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Daniel Fischel

Lee and Brena Professor of Law and Business Emeritus, University of Chicago Law School
and President, Compass Lexecon

Daniel  Fischel

Fischel’s areas of expertise are financial markets and valuation.  Fischel has given expert testimony on multiple occasions in federal and state courts in civil and criminal proceedings, before arbitration panels, and before regulatory bodies.  Fischel has published widely in books and scholarly journals.  His article “Use of Modern Finance Theory in Securities Fraud Cases Involving Actively Traded Securities,” Business Law 1 (l982), is still the seminal article describing the application of financial economics to securities fraud litigation.  He is co-author of The Economic Structure of Corporation Law with Judge Frank H. Easterbrook.  His books and articles have been favorably cited by courts at all levels, including the United States Supreme Court on numerous occasions.  He also is a frequent speaker at conferences of federal judges, major universities, and various business and legal groups.