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The Program on Corporate Governance seeks to foster research and scholarship about corporate governance and facilitate discourse in this field among academics, practitioners, and policy-makers.

This web site includes information about:

The Program’s Advisory Board consists of William Ackman, Peter Atkins, Joseph Bachelder, John Bader, Allison Bennington, Daniel Burch, Richard Climan, Jesse Cohn, Isaac Corré, Scott Davis, John Finley, David Fox, Stephen Fraidin, Byron S. Georgiou, Larry Hamdan, Carl Icahn, Jack B. Jacobs, Paula Loop, David Millstone, Theodore Mirvis, James Morphy, Toby Myerson, Morton Pierce, Barry Rosenstein, Paul Rowe, and Rodman Ward.

The Program's director is Professor Lucian Bebchuk, and other Harvard Law School faculty members contributing to its activities are Robert Clark, John Coates, Allen Ferrell, Jesse Fried, Scott Hirst, Howell Jackson, Reinier Kraakman, Mark Ramseyer, Mark Roe, Robert Sitkoff, Holger Spamann, and Guhan Subramanian.

Also contributing to the Program’s activities are its Senior Fellows, Alon Brav, Stephen M. Davis, Assaf Hamdani, Oliver Hart, Ben W. Heineman, Jr., Robert J. Jackson, Jr., Wei Jiang, Lewis Kaden, Robert Pozen, and its Fellows, Talia Gillis, Scott Hirst, Kobi Kastiel, Thomas Keusch, Eithan Kidron, Yaron Nili, Adi Osofsky, June Rhee, Tomer Shadmy, and Yun Soo Shin.

In planning events and conferences, the Program receives input from the members of its Corporate Governance Forum Advisory Council, Maryellen Andersen, Amy Bilbija,  Marian Block, Joan Conley, Art Crozier, Peggy Foran, Todd Gershkowitz, Nancy Hamilton, Paula Loop, Cynthia Nastanski, Mark Preisinger, Jim Rossman, Kurt Schacht, Matthew Sherman, and Kelly Mahon Tullier.

The Program’s associate director is Stephen Davis, the Program's coordinator is Jordan Figueroa (), and its webmaster is Travis Taylor ().

The co-editors of the Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance and Financial Regulation are Kobi Kastiel, Yaron Nili, June Rhee, and R. Christopher Small.

The Program on Corporate Governance seeks to foster research and discussion by individuals holding a wide range of views on corporate governance issues. The Program does not take any positions on such issues; all views expressed in connection with the Program's activities should be attributed only to the individuals expressing them. The work of the Program on Corporate Governance is supported by the Harvard Law School Program on Corporate Governance Fund.

A detailed account of the Program's activities can be found in its annual reports:
2013/2014 Annual Report
2012/2013 Annual Report
2011/2012 Annual Report
2010/2011 Annual Report
2009/2010 Annual Report
2008/2009 Annual Report
2007/2008 Annual Report
2006/2007 Annual Report
2005/2006 Annual Report