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Victor Brudney Prize

Established by the Program on Corporate Governance in honor of Professor Victor Brudney, Robert B. and Candice J. Haas Professor in Corporate Finance Law, Emeritus. This prize may be awarded annually to the best student paper on a topic related to corporate governance.

The Victor Brudney Prize for June 2015 was awarded to:

Scott Hirst, S.J.D.
Undistorting Shareholder Voting

Kobi Kastiel, S.J.D.
Against All Odds: Shareholder Activism in Controlled Companies

Yaron Nili, S.J.D. '15
The ‘New Insiders’ – Rethinking Independent Directors’ Tenure

The Victor Brudney Prize for June 2014 was awarded to:

Roy Shapira, S.J.D. '14
A Reputational Theory of Corporate Law

The Victor Brudney Prize for June 2013 was awarded to:

Federico Cenzi Venezze, LL.M. '13
The Costs of Control Enhancing Mechanisms: How can Regulatory Dualism Create Value in the Privatizations of States' Owned Firms in Europe?

The Victor Brudney Prize for June 2012 was awarded to:

Yinzhi Miao, LL.M. '12
Oversea Listing and State-Owned-Enterprise Governance in China: the Role of the State

Alexander Zalivako LL.M. '12
Structuring Corporate Governance in Close Firms: Legal Problems and their Practical Solutions

The Victor Brudney Prize for June 2011 was awarded to:

Anastasiya Putilova LL.M. '11
Shareholders’ Agreements in Russia

Andrew Tuch, S.J.D. '11
Conflicted Gatekeepers: The Volcker Rule and Goldman Sachs

The Victor Brudney Prize for June 2010 was awarded to:

Andrew Tuch, S.J.D. '11
Multiple Gatekeepers

The Victor Brudney Prize for June 2009 was awarded to:

Pavlos Masouros, LL.M. '09
Private Ordering and Corporate Governance: The Case of Venture Capital

Roy Shapira, LL.M. '09
Corporate Philanthropy and the Handicap Principle

Holger Spamann, S.J.D. '09
Contemporary Legal Transplants: Legal Families and the Diffusion of (Corporate) Law

The Victor Brudney Prize for June 2008 was awarded to:

Jared Gross, J.D. '08
Berle and Means Revisited: Block Ownership, Agency Costs, and Going Private Transactions, Appendix

John Horsfield-Bradbury, J.D. '08
Hedge Fund Self-Regulation in the US and UK

The Victor Brudney Prize for June 2007 was awarded to:

Vincent T. Cannon, J.D. '07
Secondary Markets in Private Equity and the Future of U.S. Capital Markets

Anthony Uccellini, J.D. '07
The Effect of Disclosure Regulation on M&A Activity: Evidence From the Over-the-Counter Market

The Victor Brudney Prize for June 2006 was awarded to:

Andrew Brasher, J.D. '06
Substantive Consolidation: A Critical Examination

Katerina Linos, J.D. '06
Social Learning and the Development of Corporate Law

Holger Spamann, SJD '09
On the Insignificance and/or Endogeneity of La Porta et. al.'s 'Anti-Director Rights Index' Under Consistent Coding

The Victor Brudney Prize for June 2005 was awarded to:

David M. Foster, J.D. '05
Politics, Legal Origins, and the Roots of Modern Economic Institutions

Lynn Poss, J.D. '05
Changes to the Independent Director Requirements: The 2004 Amendments in Context

The Victor Brudney Prize for June 2004 was awarded to:

Kiwi Camara, J.D. '05
Shareholder Voting and the Bundling Problem in Corporate Law

Gordon Moodie, J.D. '05
Forty Years of Charter Competition: A Race to Protect Directors from Liability?

Irving Oberman Prize

The Irving Oberman Award for June 2004 was awarded to three students for work each of them did in the field of corporate governance:

Sofie Cools, LL.M. '04
Protection versus Control: Beware of indices! Shareholder Protection and Balance of Substantive Powers in Common Law and Civil Law Jurisdictions
(This paper has been reworked and is now available with the bellow title)
The Real Difference in Corporate Law Between the United States and Continental Europe: Distribution of Powers

Petja Toskan, S.J.D. '04
Systems of Corporate Governance: Convergence, Institutions, and Competitive Advantage

Tobias Troeger LL.M. '04
Choice of Jurisdiction in European Corporate Law - Perspectives of European Corporate Governance