"Joseph Schacht Revisited"
This workshop is not open to the public.

Saturday, April 5

Jonathan Brown
(University of Washington), “Critical Rigor vs. Juridical Pragmatism: How Legal Theorists and Hadith Scholars Approached the Backgrowth of Isnads in the Genre of ‘Ilal al-Hadith
Amr Osman (Princeton University), “The Ahl al-Ray and the Ahl al-Hadith Revisited”
Scott Lucas (University of Arizona), “Who Are the Traditionists and What Are Their Principles? Evidence from the Musannaf of Ibn Abi Shayba”

10:30—10:45  BREAK

Ahmed El Shamsy (Harvard University), “Law As Tradition in the Ancient Legal Schools”
Aaron Spevack (Boston University), “Disconnection and Doubt: Revisiting Schacht’s Theories of Origins, Authenticity, and Ijtihad”


12:15—2:00    LUNCH

Guest Presentation, by David S. Powers (Cornell University), “Bibliothèque Nationale de France 328a: The Birth Hour of Islamic Law”

Intisar Rabb (Princeton University), “Legal Maxims in Early Islamic Law: Maxims as Substantive Canons of Construction”
Mairaj Syed (Princeton University), “Challenging Schacht’s Methodology of Determining the ‘Legal,’ the ‘Rational,’ and the ‘Moral’: Reinterpreting Ghazali’s Account of the Husn/Qubh Dispute”

4:00—4:15      BREAK

4:15—5:30      General Discussion