Boeing Islamic Law Reference Center

The resources of the entire Harvard University Library system are available to support the Islamic Legal Studies Program and its affiliates. The Harvard Law School Library is the world's largest academic law library, owning close to two million items. Within its collections can be found material on Islamic law in both the classical and modern periods as well as the positive law of jurisdictions where Muslims form a major component of the population. These materials currently number approximately 25,000 titles, with an additional 1,500 titles added each year. The growth of the collection is funded by support from endowments such as the Richard A. Debs Islamic Law Library Fund and from funds of the Islamic Legal Studies Program, which also supports the position of the Bibliographer for Law of the Islamic World and of a fulltime cataloging assistant.

An important resource for the Harvard community is the Harvard Law School Library's Boeing Islamic Law Reference Center, dedicated in September 1999 in recognition of corporate support ILSP received from the Boeing and McDonnell Douglas Companies. This reference center, located on Level 1 North of Langdell Hall, comprises a non-circulating collection of several thousand volumes of major classical and modern reference sources for Islamic law with facilities for private study, photocopying, and searching online catalogs and websites. The core of the non-circulating reference collection was selected on the advice of Dr. Aron Zysow, a specialist in Islamic law and legal theory, who is intimately familiar with the existing collections of Harvard libraries.

For more information about the Law School's library collections in Islamic law or jurisdictional law in Muslim countries, please contact ILSP at We also welcomes suggestions for strengthening the collections.