Support for Conferences, Workshops, and Symposia

Applications are invited for events related to ILSP's core field of interest. Both a student activity fund and a fund for faculty initiatives are available.

Faculty Collaborative Initiatives

The Islamic Legal Studies Program supports faculty-directed initiatives; faculty whose work relates to the core interests of the Program are invited to compete for full or partial funding of conferences or workshops. If the Islamic Legal Studies Program is the largest funding body, it must be offered first option as to distribution of the results of such gatherings, be it print- or Web-based publication. Possibilities for funding include a single conference or workshop; a series of workshops; or a preliminary research workshop followed by a conference.

A maximum of $40,000 is available per any given year for non-ILSP initiated scholarly meetings; the amount of funding granted will be directly proportionate to the amount of intellectual, logistical and organizational support requested from ILSP. Although preference will be given to meetings that convene at Harvard University, consideration will also be given to well-organized and intensely relevant events taking place outside of Harvard. For events not organized by ILSP, its funds may only be used to cover travel, lodging, and meals associated with the meetings. These funds are not intended for the support of annual conferences, and can only be disbursed to an institutional body, such as an academic department or center.

Applications should consist of a 2-4 page description of the conference or workshop and a detailed budget. If the initiative is more advanced and has taken place without ILSP collaboration, the application should include a list of participants and their affiliations. If other funding is required or has been received, the application must list the sources and amounts. All applications should be sent by email to ILSP's Program Administrator, Proposals are considered throughout the academic year for funding to start the following academic year. Applications for funding in the same academic year as the application can only be granted if there is money left in the Faculty Collaborative Initiatives fund.

Faculty who receive support from ILSP are asked to acknowledge its sponsorship in all written documentation, preceding or subsequent to the event, that concerns the event or its results.

For more information, contact the program office (617-496-3941 or