Faculty Research and Curriculum Development Grants

The Islamic Legal Studies Program offers three annual grants up to $5,000 intended to support research-related travel or graduate student research assistance for Harvard faculty undertaking research into subjects that concern the core interests of the Program. The research must result in a print-publication within two years following use of the funds, an offprint or book exemplar of which must be donated to ILSP. These funds are also available to visiting faculty if the funds are to be used during their term of residence at Harvard, but if the faculty member is not an American citizen or green-card holder, taxes may be deducted from the total.

Applications should include a detailed description of the research project, a literature overview of the field in which the research is being conducted, and an expense budget for the funds requested. The entire application should not exceed five pages. It should be sent by email to ILSP's Program Administrator, creddy@law.harvard.edu.

Faculty members who have received a faculty research grant from ILSP may not apply for another for three years.

For more information, contact the program office (617-496-3941 or ilsp@law.harvard.edu).