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Harvard Trade Union Program’s Alumni Association (HTUPAA)

Who are we?

We are the Harvard Trade Union Program’s Alumni Association (HTUPAA), graduates of a unique program started back in 1942.

We are more than 2,000 women and men who have participated in the HTUP’s intensive residential session, returning to our work with new insights, different perspectives and new relationships with our brothers and sisters in the Labor movement. You know all of this, because you are alumni of the Harvard Trade Union Program.

The HTUPAA membership is made up solely of the graduates of the program. Members are private and public sector unionists, just like in the program. We annually elect offi cers and a board of directors following each graduation ceremony of the Harvard Trade Union Program.

Our Mission

For many of us, the learning and insights from the HTUP changed forever the way we view our work and the mission and goals of the Labor movement. Each of us returned to our work to apply what we learned. We have helped blaze the trail for our unions to step into the future.

The HTUPAA was formed for two reasons. First, many of the former classmates wanted to give something back to the Program, and over the years that giving has been in many forms. Secondly was the need of TUP Alumni to maintain the relationships forged in each class. Many new friendships taking root during the sessions have grown over the years in our journeys through life and work.

We work closely with the HTUP Executive Director and staff in matters that advance the program’s goals. Through Alumni contributions, we assist program participants. Donations help cover tuition or other expenses that may otherwise prohibit attendance at the program. And, over the years, many of us have acted as a sounding board for participants during the course of their studies. A friendly ear is always welcome.

We invite you to join the HTUP Alumni Association. Your silver contribution will help in the production and distribution of our annual newsletter, and in keeping you updated on Alumni activities. If possible, we ask you to consider upgrading to a golden or a platinum contribution for the HTUP Alumni Association fund. This money is designated to help brothers and sisters who are invited to attend an HTUP program, but can’t without fi nancial assistance.

Please fill out the membership/contribution form and send it, with your check, to the HTUP office.

Thank you for your time in reading this material. If you have a question, don’t hesitate to call or write or send an E-mail through the HTUP offi ce address, email, phone and fax listed below. Moreover, the Harvard Trade Union Program Alumni is now on Facebook.Sign up for Facebook to connect with your fellow classmates.

Harvard Trade Union Program
8 Mount Auburn Street, 1st floor
Cambridge, MA 02138
Phone: 617-495-9265
Fax: 617-496-7359

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  • HTUPAA 2013 Officers

    President: Donald Sheehan, IBEW 103, Class of 2007

    Vice President: Ann Marie McDonagh, MNA, Class of 2011

    Treasurer: Sean Callaghan, IBEW 103, Class of 2013

    Secretary: Cheryl Singleton, MTA - NSO, Class of 2008

    Alumni News: My Harvard Experience
    By Terry Reid, HTUP Class of 2008

    Click on Image for Article

    Harvard Trade Union Program My Harvard Experience


    HTUP 2007 Chronicles by Kurt Staudter (HTUP '07 Alum)

    Jan. 17, 2007 - The Barbarians Inside the Walls

    Jan. 24, 2007- The High Road to Prosperity

    Jan. 31, 2007 - Drinking From the Fire Hose

    Feb. 7, 2007 - The Battle of the Economists

    Feb. 14, 2007 - Pygmies Standing On the Shoulders of Giants

    Blue Collar Blues - Alumni Reflect on HTUP's 2005 session:

    Throughout the course of history most living creatures have come to realize at one time or another that they can usually find safety and strength in groups that share common interests, desires and goals. Those that choose to remain outside the “group” or who are excluded from the group are much more vulnerable to attack or exploitation.Working men and women of the labor movement today find themselves facing many of the same threats that their ancestors did over the past two centuries. More>>>

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