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John T. Dunlop Memorial Forum

The official portrait of John T. Dunlop
hangs in the Department of Labor

The John T. Dunlop Memorial Forum honors a distinguished contributor in the field of industrial relations and labor.

In 1942, Dunlop, along with Professors Sumner Slichter and James Healy, co-founded the Harvard Trade Union Program, only the second executive program at Harvard (the first being the Neiman Fellows program in journalism). The HTUP continues to provide training to senior leaders in the labor movement in the US and around the world.

Professor Dunlop taught at Harvard from 1938 until he retired in 1983. Yet he continued teaching in the Harvard Trade Union Program until his death in 2003. In addition to serving as Chairman of the Economics Department and Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Professor Dunlop was United States Secretary of Labor during the Ford administration. He served in some capacity to every President from FDR in 1943 to President Clinton in 1994.

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Weil talk

Karen Ignagni2016 Dunlop Memorial Forum

"The New Frontier of Health Policy & Delivery Reform:
Can We Achieve It and How John Dunlop Would Guide Us"

Karen Ignagni, President and CEO, EmblemHealth


[Listen to Talk - mp3 format - 90 minutes]

weil2015 John T. Dunlop Memorial Forum

“The Fissured Workplace: Why Work Became So Bad for So Many and
What Can Be Done to Improve It”

David Weil, Administrator, Wage and Hour Division, U.S. Department of Labor

[Download transcript (PDF)]

2013 cover
2013 John T. Dunlop Memorial Forum


David Michaels, Assistant Secretary of Labor for OSHA



2013 cover
2012 John T. Dunlop Memorial Forum

“Restoring the Promise of the National Labor Relations Act”

Wilma Liebman, Former Chair, National Labor Relations Board



2012 cover

2010 John T. Dunlop Memorial Lecture

“THE DEPARTMENT OF LABOR: Innovative Enforcement”

Seth Harris,
Deputy Secretary, U.S. Department of Labor


weil kris rondeau 2007 John T. Dunlop Memorial Forum

"Unions and Worker Voice in the New Workplace"

Chair: David Weil, Professor of Economics, Boston University
Kris Rondeau, Organizer, Harvard Union of Clerical & Technical Workers






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