Faculty Directors
Ben Sachs
Professor Benjamin Sachs

Faculty Co-Director
Harvard Law School

Email: bsachs@law.harvard.edu
Richard Freeman

Professor Richard Freeman

Faculty Co-Director
Harvard University, Dept of Economics

Email: freeman@nber.org
Paul Weiler
Professor Paul Weiler

Faculty Director Emeritus
Harvard Law School

Larry Beeferman
Dr. Larry Beeferman

Project Director,
Pensions & Capital
Stewardship Project

Email: lwb@law.harvard.edu
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Erling Barth
Dr. Erling Barth

LWP/Wertheim Fellow
Research on Labor Markets

Email: eba@samfunnsforskning.no
Giuliano Bianchi
Mr. Giuliano Bianchi

Wertheim Fellow
Research on White Collar Crime
James C Davis
Dr. James C. Davis

Research on Great Depression and Jobless Recoveries

Email: jdavis@nber.org
John Hogan
Dr. John Hogan

LWP Fellow
Research on History of Industrial Relations

Jerry Marschke
Dr. Jerry Marschke

LWP/Wertheim Fellow
Research on Science Policy

Email: gmarschke@law.harvard.edu
Emran Qureshi
Mr. Emran Qureshi

LWP/Wertheim Fellow
Research on Unions & Deomocracy in Muslim World

Email: equreshi@law.harvard.edu
Dr. Michael Teitelbaum

Wertheim Fellow
Research on Science Policy

Email: teitelbaum@sloan.org
Andrew Wang
Dr. Andrew Wang

Wertheim Fellow
Research on Science Policy
Email: ajwang@law.harvard.edu
Fan Liang
Ms. Fan Liang

LWP Fellow
Research on Unions and Financial Compensation in China

Sifan Zhou
Ms. Sifan Zhou

LWP Fellow
Research on Science Policy


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Research Associates
Aaron Bernstein
Dr. Aaron Bernstein

Senior Research Associate

Email: johnaaronbernstein@gmail.com
Isabelle Ferreras
Dr. Isabelle Ferreras

Senior Research Associate
WorklifeWizard/Paywizard Coordinator
Email: ferreras@alum.mit.edu
Linda Kaboolian
Dr. Linda Kaboolian

Lecturer in Public Policy, Kennedy School of Government.
Email: linda_kaboolian@harvard.edu
Randall K. Morck
Dr. Randall K. Morck

Senior Research Associate

Email: randall.morck@ualberta.ca
Pian Shu
Dr. Pian Shu

Assistant Professor
Harvard Business School

Email: pshu@hbs.edu
David Weil
Dr. David Weil

School of Management, Finance/Economics,
Boston University

Email: davweil@bu.edu
John van Reenen
Dr. John van Reenen

Director - CEP, Centre Director - Productivity and Innovation
Centre for Economic Performance,
London School of Economics

Email: j.vanreenen@lse.ac.uk
Arnold Zack
Mr. Arnold Zack

Senior Research Associate


Email: azack@law.harvard.edu
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