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Larry Beeferman


2015 "The Materiality of Human Capital to Corporate Financial Performance," with Aaron Bernstein

2015 "Whose Power? Whose and Which Duties? Pension Fund Investments and Fiduciary Duties in the United States an India," with Dr. Allan Wain.

2014'Reform' of the United States and Brazilian Retirement Systems for Federal Employees," with
Arthur Bragança de V. Weintraub, Revista Brasileira de Previdência, Universidade Federal de São Paulo (UNIFESP), September 10, 2014.

2014 “Paradigm lost: employment-based defined benefit plans and the current understanding of fiduciary duty,” Cambridge Handbook of Institutional Investment and Fiduciary Duty,
ed. James P. Hawley, Andreas G. F. Hoepner, Keith L. Johnson, Joakim Sandberg, and Edward J. Waitzer, Cambridge University Press, 2014, pp. 110-111.

2013 "I N F R A S T R U C T U R E: Deciding Matters," with Dr. Allan Wain

2012 "I N F R A S T R U C T U R E: Defining Matters," with Dr. Allan Wain

2011 “Supply-Chain Labour and Human Rights,” with Aaron Bernstein [link]

2011 “Key Performance Indicators for Investors to Assess Labor & Human Rights Risks Faced by Global Corporations in Supply Chains: Stage 1 Report,” with Aaron Bernstein

2011 ”Capital Stewardship in the United States: Worker Voice and the Union Role in the Management of Pension Fund Assets,” Transfer: European Review of Labour and Research, February 2011, vol. 17 no. 1, pp. 43-57

2011 “Origins of the Financial Markets Meltdown, the Need for Financial Reform, and the Dodd-Frank Bill Response”

2010 with Matthew B. Becker, "Going on Automatic:  The Right Path Toward Retirement Income Security For All?" Pension Occasional Papers, No. 6, September.

2010 with Hebb T., United States Pension Funds’ Labour Friendly Investments in Comparing How Various Nations Administer Retirement Income: Essays on Social Security, Privatisation, and Inter-Generational Covenants, Hyde, Mark , & Dixon, John, Ed., The Edward Mellen Press.

2009 ”Private Equity and American Labor: Multiple, Pragmatic Responses Mirroring Labor’s Strengths and Weaknesses,” Journal of Industrial Relations, September  vol. 51 no. 4.

2009 with Hebb T., “US Pension Funds’ Labour-Friendly Investments”, Journal of Comparative Social Welfare Volume 25, Issue 2, 2009.

2008 with Hebb T., “US Pension Funds’ Labour-Friendly Investments”, in The "Social" in Social Security: Market, State and Associations in Retirement Provision, Mark Hyde and John Dixon eds., Edwin Mellen Press, Lampeter, UK.

2008 Pension Fund Investment in Infrastructure: A Resource Paper, Pensions Occasional Papers, No. 3, Dec

2008 Capital Matters Vol. 1 , No. 4 , July

2008 Capital Matters Vol. 1 , No. 3 , April

2008 Capital Matters Vol. 1 , No. 2 , January

2007 Capital Matters Vol. 1 , No. 1 , October

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Elaine Bernard

Interview videos on Labor:

Real News Network Videos:


2009 The Power to Change Things: Labour Rights as Human Rights Our Times, December 2008/January 2009

2008 The State of US Labor & Building Union Power Democratic Left, Fall

2007 A Supreme Decision: Collective Bargaining As a Constitutional Right Our Times , June/July

2007 Imagine There's no Labour Board: Counterpoint Our Times , April/May

2006 Organizing the Organized Our Times, October/November

2005 Human Right or Canadian Illusion: Collective Bargaining in Canada, Our Times, July/August

2002 Teaching for Change: Popular Education and the Labor Movement - Case Method in Labor Leadership Education

2002 Unions and Latinos: Mutual Transformation - Latinos Remaking America, University of California Press

2001 Shaking Things Up: Unions in a Rapidly Changing World - Our Times, October/November

2000 Labor's Mistaken Anti-China Campaign - New Labor Forum

1998 Creating Democratic Communities in the Workplace - A New Labor Movement for the New Century

1997 Phone Workers in Canada: Social Unionism and Restructuring - New Labor Forum , Fall

1997 Ensuring that Monitoring is Not Co-opted - New Solutions, Summer

1997 Education vs. Propaganda - Our Times , September-October

1996 Public Sector Workers in Reinventing Government - New Solutions, April

1996 Why Unions Matter - Open Media, New Party

1996 Management Resistance to Change: A Case of Computer Information Systems - Beyond Survival: Wage Labor in the Early Twentieth Century

1995 Canada: Joint Committees on Occupational Health and Safety - Works Councils Consultation, Representation and Cooperation in Industrial Relations

1995 The Canadian Experience: Labor, The NDP and The Social Movements - New Politics, Winter

1995 Quebec Sovereignty: Devolution the Solution - Peace & Democracy, Spring

1994 What's the Matter with NAFTA? - Radical America

1994 Why Single Payer is Still Our Best Bet - Social Policy, Spring

1993 Labour, the New Democratic Party, and the 1988 Federal Election - The Challenge of Restructuring: North American Labor: Movements Respond

1993 The Health Care Battle is On - Lies of our Times, July-August

1992 The Politics of Canada's Health Care System - New Politics, Winter

1992 Canada: A Kinder, Gentler Nation - Social Policy, Summer

1992 Social Unionism: Labor as a Political Force - Social Policy , Summer

1991 Technological Change and Skills Development - Deakin University Press

1991 Lessons for America: The NPD Victory in Ontario Summer - New Politics

1991Canada's New Democratic Party at Thirty - Socialist Review, July-December

1989 How Jobs are Changing, Where Jobs Are Going, Who Controls Technology - Union Strategies for a High Tech Era

1989 Technology and Labour Ethics and Technology - Ethical Choices in the Age of Pervasive Technology

1989 Collaboration with the Wider Community - Muse, Autumn

1988 Workers' Control at B.C. telephone: The Shape of Things to Come? - Workers, Capital, and the State in British Columbia

1987 A Union Course on New Technologies - Alternatives, May

1987 You Already Know a Lot About Computers - Orientation to Trades and Technology

1987 Putting the Irish Back into Boycotts - September

1986 Labour Tactics Today After Bennet: A New Politics for British Columbia, October

1984 Science, Technology, & Progress: Lessons from the History of the Typewriter - Canadian Womens Studies/ Les Cahiers de la Femme

1984 Last Back: Folklore and the Telephone Operators in the 1919 Vancouver General Strike

1984 Recipe for Anarchy: Tech Change at B.C. Telephone - Canadian Dimension, May

1977 A University at War: Japanese Canadians at UBC during World War II - BC Studies, Autumn

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Richard Freeman

2016 "Who Owns the Robots Rules the World: The deeper threat of robotization" Harvard Magazine

2016  “How Does Declining Unionism Affect the American Middle Class and Inter-generational Mobility?” with Han E, Duke B, Madland D., Federal Reserve Bank, 2015 Community Development Research Conference Publication. 2016

2016  It’s Where You Work: Increases in Earnings Dispersion across Establishments and Individuals in the U.S. with Barth E, Bryson A, Davis JC.  Journal of Labor Economics, Special Issue dedicated to Edward Lazear. 2016

2015  "Capitalism for the Rest of Us," with Blasi J, Kruse DL. New York Times Op-Ed, July 17, 2015.

2015  Workers Ownership and Profit-Sharing in a New Capitalist Model?. Swedish Trade Union Confederation; 2015. 

2015  “China’s ‘Great Leap Forward’ in Science and Engineering,” with Wei Huang. In Aldo Geuna (editor), Global Mobility of Research Scientists: The Economics of Who Goes Where and Why (Elsevier, 2015). NBER Working Paper #21081 (April 2015).

2015  “How Does China’s New Labor Contract Law Affect Floating Workers?” .with Xiaoying Li, British Journal of Industrial Relations 53:4 (December 2015) pp 711-735.  BJIR [Internet]. 2015;53 (4) :711-735.

2015  Knowledge, Knowledge.. Knowledge for My Economy. KDI Journal of Economic Policy [Internet]. 2015;37 (2) :1-21.

2015  Immigration, International Collaboration, and Innovation: Science and Technology Policy in the Global Economy. In: Innovation Policy and the Economy. National Bureau of Economic Research ; 2015. pp. 153-175.

2013 The Citizen's Share: Putting Ownership Back into Democracy (Freeman R, Blasi J, Kruse D). Yale University Press; 2013.

2012 Freeman R, Rehavi M. How the Internet is Changing the Activity of Union Representatives in the UK: A study of

2011 "What Happened to Shared Prosperity and Full Employment and How to Get Them Back: a Seussian Perspective"

2010 "What Can We Learn from NLRA to Create Labor Law for the 21st Century?" Presented at: SYMPOSIUM: The National Labor Relations Act at 75: Its Legacy and its Future

2010 "IT'S FINANCIALIZATION!" International Labour Review, Vol. 149, No. 2, May 26, 2010

2009 Science and Engineering Careers in the United States. (Freeman R, Goroff DL). University of Chicago Press; 2009.  Website

2009 Shared Capitalism: at Work: Employee Ownership, Profit and Gain Sharing, and Broad-based Stock Options. (Freeman R, Blasi J, Kruse D). University of Chicago Press; 2009.  Website

2009 Freeman R. Helping Workers Online and Offline: Innovations in Union and Worker Organization Using the Internet. In: Studies in Labor Market Intermediation. University of Chicago Press; 2009.  Website

2008 Universities set the pace in labor relations - Harvard Community Resource, April

2008 Freeman R. Why Do We Work More than Keynes Expected?. In: Revisiting Keynes: Economic Possibilities for Our Grandchildren. MIT Press; 2008. p. Chapter 9.

2007 America Works: Critical Thoughts on the Exceptional US Labor Market - Russell Sage Foundation, April

2007 What Workers Say: Employee Voice in the Anglo-american Workplace - ILR Press, July.

2006 Rogers J, Freeman R. What Workers Want. New York: Russell Sage Foundation; 2006.

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Benjamin Sachs

2016 “Introduction: Labor Scholarship in an Era of Uncertainty,” Theoretical Inquiries in Law, February 2016, Vol. 17 Issue 1, p 1-11.

2015   "Political Entrenchment and Public Law," and Daryl Levinson.125 Yale L.J. 326 (2015).

2014. "Restoring Equity in Right-to-Work Law," and Catherine Fisk 4 U.C. Irvine L. Rev. 857 (2014).

2013 "A New Kind of Union," New York Times, September 2, 2013, p. A17.

2013 "The Unbundled Union: Politics Without Collective Bargaining," 123 Yale L. J. 100 (2013).

2012 "Unions, Corporations, and Political Opt-Out Rights after Citizens United," Columbia Law Review
Vol. 112, 2012.

2010 "Enabling Employee Choice: A Structural Approach to the Rules of Union Organizing," HARVARD LAW REVIEW, Vol. 123:655 2010.

2009 "Card Check 2.0: A better fix for union organizing than the Employee Free Choice Act," Slate Internet Magazine, April 16, 2009.

2008 "Employment Law as Labor Law," Cardozo Law Review, Vol. 29:6, p. 2685, 2008.

2007 "Labor Law Renewal," Harvard Law and Policy Review, Vol. 1, p. 375, 2007.

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John Trumpbour

2016Daniel Aaron, 1912-2016,” The Baffler online, May 10, 2016.

2015 "'What Part of 'Illegal' Don't You Understand?' Undocumented: How Imigration Became Illegal," New Labor Forum, Vol. 24 Issue 3, Fall 2015.

2014 “Margaret Thatcher, the Thatcherite Intellectuals, and the Fate of Keynes,” Industrial Relations Journal, Special Issue on Margaret Thatcher’s Legacy, 45:3, May 2014, 250-265.

2010 “Labor in the Information Age,” special issue of Labor History, vol. 51, no. 1, February 2010.

2008 “Hollywood and the World: Export or Die” in Paul McDonald and Janet Wasko, eds., The
Contemporary Hollywood Film Industry
(Malden, MA and Oxford: Blackwell Publishing, 2008).

2007China: Banking Reform and Economic Development Revisited,” September 13, 2007, web
exclusive at and later reprinted in October 2008 at IDEAs Network (International
Development Economics Associates),

2007 "The Crisis In Workplace Governance, Special Issue in Honor of Paul C. Weiler, Introduction"Comparative Labor Law & Policy Journal (Vol. 28, No. 2)

2007 “Technological Revolutions and the Limits of Ethics in an Age of Commercialization” in Mihail C.
Roco and William Sims Bainbridge, eds., Nanotechnology: Societal Implications II (Dordrecht, The
Netherlands: Springer, 2007).

2003 “The Clash of Civilizations: Samuel P. Huntington, Bernard Lewis, and the Remaking of Post-Cold
War World Order” in Michael Sells and Emran Qureshi, eds., The New Crusades (Columbia University
Press, 2003).

2002 “Unions and Latinos: Mutual Transformation” (co-authored with Elaine Bernard) in Marcelo M.
Suárez-Orozco and Mariela M. Páez, eds., Latinos Remaking America (Berkeley: University of California
Press, 2002).

2002 Selling Hollywood to the World: U.S. and European Struggles for Mastery of the Global Film
Industry, 1920-1950
(New York: Cambridge University Press, 2002).

1989 editor, The Dividing Rhine: Politics and Society in Contemporary France and Germany (Oxford:
Berg, 1989).

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Arnold Zack

2014 "In an Era of Accelerating Attention to Workplace Equity: What Place for Bangladesh? Reflections on the Bangladesh Development Conference 2014 at Harvard University" Boston Global Forum online.

2010 "Developing Standards Of Workplace Justice Within International Organizations," American Society of International Law International Organizations Interest Group Review, Summer 2010.

2009 First Contract Arbitration:  Issues and Design, posted on Posted on: Labor and Employment Relations Association's Blog, March 13, 2009

2009 International Trends In ADR – An Asian View - LERA Meeting San Francisco, California, January

2008 A Potential Roadmap toward Workplace Fairness in China - Council on Foreign Relations, November

2008 A Modest Proposal for Mediating Code of Conduct Challenges - NYU Law School, November

2008 Using Mediation to Resolve Workplace Disputes in China - Paper delivered  University of Hong Kong Law School May 19, 2008, being published by Hong Kong Internsational  Arbitration Centre in a book entitled Medistion in Hong Kong:The Way Forward.

2008 International Legal Standards for Labor and Employment Law - Workplace Fairness Disputes in a Global Economy: Hong Kong and PCR Perspectives, Hong Kong International Arbitration Center, May

2007 Arnold Zack: From A to Z, Lulu Enterprises Incorporated, 2007.

2004 Conciliation of Disputes Over International Labor Standards Fifth Asian Regional Congress of the International Industrial Relations Association, June.

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