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Pensions and Capital Stewardship Project

Conference Presentation Materials

Capital Matters VII - Managing Labor's Capital - April 29- May 1, 2009

Session #5: Why Did the Financial Giants Go Bust? Poor Corporate Governance? Inadequate Regulation? Problematic Corporate Culture? Some or None of the Above or Something Else?

Prof. Gerald Davis, Stephen M. Ross School of Business, Univ. of Michigan; "Can we blame bad corporate governance for failing financial institutions?" [PDF]

Session #7: In What Ways Do Mutual Fund Investors Fail to Act as Owners? What Should Be Done About It?

Presenters: Rasha Ashraf, Visiting Assistant Prof. of Finance, Georgia State University; "Conflicts of Interest and Mutual Fund Proxy Voting: Evidence from Shareholder Proposals on Executive Compensation" [PDF]
Commentator: Prof. Gerald Davis, Stephen M. Ross School of Business, University of Michigan; "How do mutual funds matter (if at all)? " [PDF]

Session #9: Infrastructure Finance and the Pension Fund Role in It: The United Kingdom Experience

Presenter: Colin Meech, National Officer, Capital Stewardship Programme, UNISON, United Kingdom; "Who Owns UK Public Services Plc?" [PDF]

Session #11: The Audacity of Hoping for Retirement Security for All: Does the Obama Administration Proposal Raise False Hopes? If So, What Will Meet Them?

John Turner, Consultant, Pension Rights Center; "Guarantees" [PDF]
Karen Friedman, Policy Director, Pension Rights Center; "Retirement USA: Working for a Universal, Secure and Adequate Retirement System" [PDF]
Norman Stein, Douglas Arant Professor, University of Alabama - School of Law, "Humpty Dumpty Retirement Policy" [PDF]

Session #12: Litigation to Remedy Meltdown Damage: What Can Be Gained, What Can Be Learned?

Jeffrey C. Block, Partner, Berman DeValerio; "Litigation to Remedy Meltdown Damages" [PDF]
Allen Ferrell, Professor of Law, Harvard Law School; " The Credit Market Crisis and Securities Litigation" [PDF]




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