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Erling Barth

Wertheim Fellow

Erling Barth is Research Director at the Institute for Social Research in Oslo and adjunct Professor at the Department of Economics, University of Oslo. His PhD is from the Department of Economics at the University of Oslo. He is currently visiting the Labor and Worklife Program at Harvard and NBER for the academic year 2008 to 2009.

He is a member of the Executive Committee of the European Association of Labour Economists (EALE), a Researcher at the ESOP Center of Excellence at the University of Oslo, and a Research Fellow at the Institute for the Study of Labour, IZA, in Bonn. He is co-editor of the Nordic Journal of Political Economy, of Søkelys på arbeidslivet (Spotlight on the Labor Market), and member of the international advisory board of the British Journal of Industrial Relations. He is co-author of a University-level textbook on Labor market economics in Norwegian.

He was research associate at the Institute of industrial relations at the University of California at Berkeley (1991-92) and visiting scholar at Department of Economics, Harvard University and the NBER in Cambridge, MA (1998-99).
He was the Norwegian partner of the EU-TSER financed PuRE project (1999-2001) on the returns to education in Europe and the Norwegian partner of the EU-financed EDWIN project (2002-2004) on Education and Wage Inequality in Europe. He has been the coordinator of two Nordic projects on employment and wages under the Nordic Council of Ministers.

His research interests include the impact of labor market institutions, immigration issues, the wage structure, gender wage differentials, labor mobility, and firms’ behavior. His research has been published in the Review of Economics and Statistics, Journal of Labor Economics, Journal of Corporate Finance, Scandinavian Journal of Economics, Manchester School, Research in Labor Economics, International Journal of Manpower, and Kyklos among other places.





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