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Ever get the feeling that you're underpaid? Check your pay by state, occupation and sector to find out. But before you do help support wage transparency and fair wages and working conditions by taking our Salary Survey!

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More labour market transparency for the benefit of all employers, employees and workers worldwide by sharing and comparing information on wages, Labour Law and career. There is a lack of of coherent labour market information, easy to access, easy to understand, full circle, independent, free of politics in many countries worldwide. The national WageIndicator websites function as online, up to date labour market libraries for workers, employers, governments, academics and media alike. There is data included from over 70 countries.

It is there to:

  • Assist individual workers and employers with real wage data during negotiations and job search.
  • Aassist workers, employers and labour inspectors with comprehensive insight in national Labour Law, and how to comply with the law.
  • Assist individual workers and employers with problems of daily working life.





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A blog founded by Benjamin Sachs (LWP Faculty Co-DIrector) and Jack Goldsmith (Harvard Law School), devoted to workers, unions, and their politics.