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Wurf Fellows

Michelle Kaminski
Associate Professor of Labor and Industrial Relations
Michigan State University

Michelle KaminskiMichelle Kaminski is the 2010 Wurf Fellow. Michelle is on sabbatical from the labor studies department at Michigan State University. She is using her time and the support of the Wurf Fellowship to continue her research and writing on women’s leadership in the trade union movement. She visited the Trade Union Program earlier this year and conducted interviews with female participants. She has submitted a proposal for a chapter in a book called "Leaders, Leadership and Change in Trade Unions: Gender and Diversity; New Trajectories".  Michelle authored and co-authored a number of articles on women’s union leadership. 


2009 It Isn’t Always Rational: The Psychology of Voting and Lessons for Labor; and Matthew Piszczek
Labor Studies Journal (2010; 35; 116) Novembe 2009r;

2008 Women's Union Leadership: Closing the Gender Gap; and Elaine K. Yakura
WorkingUSA: The Journal of Labor and Society ( 1089-7011 · Volume 11) · December 2008 · pp. 459–475

2007 Gender, Organizational Justice Perceptions, and Union Organizing; and Patricia A. Simpson
Employ Respons Rights Journal (19:57–72). February 2007

2003 Teaching leadership to union women: The use of stories.
Labor Studies Journal. (28 (2) 67-77.) Summer 2003

Some Past Wurf Fellows

 1983-1984:  Douglas A. Fraser, president emeritus of the United Autoworkers and University Professor of Labor Studies, Wayne State University

 2007-2009: Teresa Ghilarducci, Professor of Economics, The New School; previously Professor of Economics, University of Notre Dame

 2011: Paul Light, Paulette Goddard Professor of Public Service, NYU





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