The John M. Olin Center

The John M. Olin Center for Law, Economics, and Business


2015 (1) - "Unenforceable and Misleading Clauses in Consumer Contracts: Evidence from the Residential Rental Market" by Meirav Furth-Matzkin.

2015 (2) - "Determining Optimal Default Savings Rates for 401(k) Plans" by Luke Martin.

2014 (1) - "Frozen Charters" by Scott Hirst.

2014 (2) - "Executive Compensation in Controlled Companies" by Kobi Kastiel.

2014 (3) - "CEO Stock Ownership Policies – Rhetoric and Reality" by Nitzan Shilon.

2013 (1) - "Agents Unchained: The Determinants of Takeover Defenses in IPO Firms" by Brandon S. Gold.

2013 (2) - "Free At Last? Judicial Discretion and Racial Disparities in Federal Sentencing" by Crystal S. Yang.

2012 (1) - "Transparency and Media Scrutiny in the Regulatory Process" by Laurence Tai.

2012 (2) - "Antitrust Laws in Developing Countries: An Empirical Analysis of the Reasons and Effects of Enforcement and Non-Enforcement" by Dina Waked.

2011 - "Committee on Capital Market Regulation: Financial Regulation, Systemic Risk, and the Audit of Financial Contagion" by Adam M. Jenkins.

2010 - "Providing a Pigouvian Subsidy to Insurers for Success in Reducing Traffic" by Noam Noked.

2009 - "The Global Cross-Section of Crime and Punishment" by Holger Spamann.

2008 (1) - "Insiders and Outsiders: Does Forbidding Sexual Harassment Exacerbate Gender Inequality?" (formerly "The Effects of Sexual Harassment Law on Gender Inequality") by Daniel L. Chen & Jasmin Sethi.

2008 (2) - "Mechanisms of Secrecy" by Daniel Epps.

2007 - "An Economic Analysis of Advanced Tax Rulings: Threat Commitment and Precedential Effect" by Yehonatan Givati.

2006 (1) - "A Law and Economics Look at Contracts Against Public Policy" by Michael Chu; subsequently published in Harvard Law Review, Vol. 119, No. 5, March 2006, pages 1445-1466.

2006 (2) - "The Problem of Shareholder Preference Divergence" by Kenneth S. Reinker.

2006 (3) - "The Myth of 'Rebalancing' Retaliation in WTO Dispute Settlement Practice" by Holger Spamann; subsequently published in Journal of International Economic Law, Vol. 9, 2006, pages 31-79.

2005 (1) - "The Impact of Corporate Law on Headquarters Choice" by David Steven Ascher.

2005 (2) - "Classified Boards and Firm Value" by Michael Denver Frakes.

2005 (3) - "Reexaming the 'Public Use' Requirement in Eminent Domain: A Theory Based on Secret Buying Agents and the Potential for Corruption" by Daniel Bruce Kelly.

2004 (1) - "Delaware's Compensation: Price Consideration in the Market for Corporate Law" by Michal Barzuza.

2004 (2) - "An Economic Analysis of Contract Assignability" by Jared George Kramer.

2003 (1) - "Credible Coercion: An Economic Analysis of Duress Doctrine in Contract Law" by Oren Bar-Gill & Omri Ben-Shahar.

2003 (2) - "Court of Public Opinion: Government Accountability and Judicial Independence" by Matthew Caleb Stephenson.

2002 (1) - "Anonymity and Crime: A Duration Analysis of Wanted Fugitives" by Thomas J. Miles.

2002 (2) - "Technology Suppression Through Anticompetitive Non Use of Patents and Antitrust Laws" by Ziv M. Preis.

2002 (3) - "The Fable of Entry: Bounded Rationality, Market Discipline, and Legal Policy" by Avishalom Tor.

2001 - "The Limited Failure of Mens Rea" by Assaf Hamdani.

2000 (1) - "Myths in Criminology: Why Legalized Abortion Does Not Explain the Dramatic Reduction in Crime Between 1991 and 1998. A Critique of Legalized Abortion and Crime" by Jeffrey M. Hill.

2000 (2) - "Threats to Sue and Cost Divisibility Under Asymmetric Information" by Alon Klement.

2000 (3) - "Monogamy, Polygamy, and Female Repression" by James Spindler.

1999 (1) - "A Comparative Empirical Investigation of Agency and Market Theories of Insider Trading" by Laura N. Beny.

1999 (2) - "The Durapolist Puzzle: Market Power in Durable-Goods Markets" by Barak Y. Orbach.

1998 (1) - "Public versus Private Enforcement of Law: A Political Economy Perspective" by Bo Li.

1998 (2) - "Games Commissions Play: 2x2 Games of International Securities Regulation" by Amir Naftali Licht.

1998 (3) - "Rethinking Rights of First Refusal" by David Ira Walker.

1997 (1) - "Boom and Bust: The Relationship between Structure and Performance Among Large Law Firms, 1986-1995" by Mark Fisher.

1997 (2) - "Controlling Judicial Discretion: Intended and Unintended Empirical Effects of the Federal Sentencing Guidelines" by James Todd Kennard.

1996 (1) - "The Anti-Competitive Effect of Partial Stock Acquisition and Partial Ownership as a Strategic Variable to Facilitate Tacit Collusion" by David Gilo.

1996 (2) - "Corporate Criminal Liability: What Purpose Does It Serve?" by Vikramaditya Singh Khanna.