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Awards and Competitions

Davis Polk Paper Prize

The purpose of this prize is to encourage deeper reflection and consideration by Harvard Law School students about their chosen profession, its role in society, and the many challenges that lawyers face in a rapidly-changing world. Paper topics must relate to the legal profession itself or to a related aspect of the delivery of professional services. This could include (but is not limited to) topics such as legal careers, the role, structure and management of law firms, in-house legal departments, and other public and private sector legal service providers, diversity or gender-related issues, the impact of globalization or other social trends upon the profession, the role of lawyers and legal institutions in society, changes in the profession over time, comparisons between lawyers and other professional service providers, and the like. Learn More

Writing Competitions

The following list of awards and competitions is only occasionally updated and may contain links to awards for which this year's deadline has already passed or awards that are not currently being offered. If there is outdated information on any of the linked sites or with questions about any of the competitions, contact the award administrators directly.

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Writing Competitions

Animal Law >>Top

Business Law >>Top

Constitutional Law >>Top

Criminal Law & Defense >>Top

Cultural Interests >>Top

Education Law >>Top

Environmental Law >>Top

Family Law >>Top

Food, Drugs & Alcohol >>Top

Gender & Sexual Orientation >>Top

Health Law >>Top

Human Rights >>Top

Intellectual Property and Patent Law >>Top

International & Comparative Law >>Top

Labor & Employment Law >>Top

Library & Research >>Top

Military Law >>Top

Native American Law >>Top

Technology >>Top

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HLS Writing Prizes >>Top

Each year the Law School awards several prizes for the best papers written by Harvard Law School students in particular areas of the law. Graduating prize winners are noted in the Commencement Program and prize-winning papers are eligible to be published in the School's public paper series. Unless otherwise noted, all papers are due in the Dean's Office by 5:00 pm on April 23, 2010. Learn More

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