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Client Service at Fraser and Stephens (A)

Author(s):  Ashish Nanda, Monet A. Brewerton
Product Number:  HLS 10-28
Publication Date:  Rev. June 28, 2012
Length:  6 pgs
Cost per Copy:  $10.00

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This case presents three situations at the mid-size law firm Fraser and Stephens. In the first vignette, an irate general counsel (GC) of an important client complains to the firm chairman about the attitude and commitment of a relationship partner. The second vignette looks at the firm's approach to proliferating work from a client. In the third vignette, the lead partner on a matter has to decide how to react to the discovery that the client has quietly hired a co-counsel.

Learning Objectives
Together, the vignettes highlight the challenges related to serving clients in professional service firms and raise the question of what is required of a firm and its partners to be client oriented and service focused.

Subjects Covered
Professional Services
Business Strategy

Geographic: United Kingdom
Industry: Law Firm
Event Year Begin: 2005


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