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David Oliver

Author(s):  John J. Gabarro, Ashish Nanda, Monet A. Brewerton
Product Number:  HLS 10-08
Publication Date:  April 16, 2010
Length:  6 pgs
Cost per Copy:  $10.00

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Fifty-two-year-old David Oliver rose from a humble background in a London suburb to become a prominent litigation partner at the London-based law firm Carver Daniels. After almost three decades of service at Carver, he is reflecting on his career and personal life. Although he is widely respected at all levels of the firm, he has never held a management position, nor does he desire to hold one. Having benefited from strong mentoring in his early career, he regrets not providing the same support to others, and wonders if it’s already too late to contribute. David has concerns in his family life as well. He has a loving relationship with his wife, children, and parents, and is also very close with his younger brother, Damien. Damien was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) in childhood, and his illness has progressed rapidly in recent years. David is concerned about both his brother's prognosis and the lack of progress towards a cure for MS. David has sought out the advice of his childhood friend to help him through his personal and professional concerns.

Learning Objectives
The case allows participants to reflect on how a successful, busy professional might take the initiative to balance career transitions with professional and personal commitments.

Subjects Covered
Professional Development
Work/Life Balance
Professional Services
Change Management

Geographic: United Kingdom
Industry: Law Firm
Event Year Begin: 2010


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