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Case Development Initiative

The Case Development Initiative uses interviews, data, and research to develop written and video summaries of strategic and organizational issues that law and other professional service firms face. Readers become situation-based problem solvers by analyzing a case study; they must identify key challenges and develop appropriate strategies to resolve them. Harvard Law School case studies force readers to consider each situation from multiple perspectives and reconcile the interests of different groups or individuals; for example, the reader may need to analyze both the stakeholders’ interests and motivations and the underlying incentives and mission of the institution before arriving at a solution to a strategic problem. In short, case studies bring real life situations to classroom settings, helping students prepare for their professional careers and experienced professionals build on their skill sets.

HLS cases are intended for use in a variety of settings including law schools, business schools, executive education, and in-house programs. The can be purchased on this website and through the Harvard Law School Case Studies Portal.

This initiative is partially funded by a generous grant from Dechert LLP.

If you have made purchases through our previous vendor and can no longer access your cases, please email Lisa Rohrer.


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