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From Brussels to Paris

Author(s):  Ashish Nanda, Monet Brewerton, Marvelle Sullivan
Product Number:  HLS 09-39
Publication Date:  May 29, 2009
Length:  7 pgs
Cost per Copy:  $10.00

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This case describes the frantic life of the division general counsel (DGC) of Energie Internationale. Jacqueline Paradis enjoyed rapid succession through the ranks of the company and was recently offered the DGC position, for which she and her husband had to move cities. The responsibilities that came with the position were many and great; during a single day, she coped with an unhappy subordinate, a difficult vendor negotiation, a high bill from an outside firm with which she already had a tenuous relationship, an angry and underserved client, and the demands of her personal life (which included buying a home). The group general counsel’s strategic vision, in which she should have been actively planning and participating, hung over head because she had failed to contribute anything so far. As she arrived at her corporate apartment after a long day, she wondered if she would live up to the many challenges her new position presented.

Learning Objectives
The case allows participants to reflect on the pressures and challenges confronting a professional and discusses how one may proactively and effectively address these challenges.

Subjects Covered
Work/Life Balance
Professional Development
Professional Services

Geographic: Europe
Industry: Energy, International Corporation
Event Year Begin: 2009

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