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Managing the Client Portfolio

Author(s):  Ashish Nanda, Nitin Nohria
Product Number:  HLS 10-09
Publication Date:  November 25 2009
Cost per Copy:  $10.00

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Max Muller, the partner-in-charge of the Frankfurt office of an international law firm, has been asked to refine the list of clients with which his office is working. He tries to balance considerations of serving marquee clients, ensuring a steady volume of work, supporting global clients, generating profitable returns, and doing quality work as he reflects on how the mix of clients should look and what he needs to do to ensure that the client portfolio transitions in the desired direction.

Learning Objectives
The case helps students reflect on (a) the benefits as well as challenges of having different types of clients; (b) how to determine the appropriate mix of clients in a professional service firm; and (c) the change management challenge of achieving the desired mix.

Subjects Covered
Change Management
Client Profitability
Client Mix

Geographic: Global
Industry: Law Firm
Event Year Begin: 2009


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