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Oracle v. PeopleSoft

Author(s):  Guhan Subramanian and David Millstone
Product Number:  HLS 10-25
Publication Date:  November 2005
Length:  28 pgs
Cost per Copy:  $10.00

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This case describes Oracle's hostile takeover bid to acquire PeopleSoft, which began with an unsolicited cash tender offer at $16.00 per share in June 2003 and ended with a negotiated deal at $26.50 per share in December 2004. Novel questions of corporate law are raised by the prolonged use of a poison pill against a structurally non-coercive, all-cash, fully-financed offer; as well as PeopleSoft's unprecedented Customer Assurance Program (CAP), which promised PeopleSoft customers between two and five times their money back if Oracle acquired PeopleSoft and then reduced support for PeopleSoft products.


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