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Tale of Three Asset Management Teams

Author(s):  Ashish Nanda, Lauren Prusiner, Monet Brewerton
Product Number:  HLS 09-40
Publication Date:  January 16, 2009
Length:  10 pgs
Cost per Copy:  $10.00

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How do you handle a team member who is underperforming - and assuage the client who suffers as a result? How do you encourage your team to work at full potential without making them feel burned out? How do you reconcile the interests of your team members with those of your client? The case presents three vignettes in which teams at a global asset management firm are struggling with these issues. In the first vignette, the managing director must figure out how to calm an angry client and deal with her relationship manager after the client expresses dissatisfaction with the manager’s leadership. The second vignette describes an overworked global head overseeing an exhausted team. In the third vignette, a portfolio manager leading a team confronts a relationship manager about their client’s uncooperativeness and the unreasonable deadlines he has set for the team.

Learning Objectives
Together, the three vignettes highlight the challenges of leading successful and effective teams in professional service firms.

Subjects Covered
Work/Life Balance
Professional Services
Team Dynamics

Geographic: United States
Industry: Asset Management Firm

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