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Workers’ Rights in the Hudson Valley (B)

Author(s):  John Coates, Sara Del Nido
Product Number:  HLS 12-21
Publication Date:  February 9, 2012
Length:  6 pgs
Cost per Copy:  $10.00

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Extends the (A) case by bringing forward in time the story began in the (A) case, whose protagonists founded a new non-profit. In the (B) case, they are now managers as well as lawyers, and face new challenges as their organization is poised to move out of the start-up phase.

Learning Objectives
Presents specific information about legal non-profit funding and management challenges, and presents further challenges and opportunities lawyers who go into the non-profit sector face as their careers evolve. In addition, demonstrates ways in which such lawyers may develop at different speeds and in different directions over their personal careers, and that organizations often do not change in tandem and synch with the individuals who work in or even create them. While focused on the non-profit sector, many of these learning objectives extend to the for-profit and government sectors as well.

Subjects Covered
Career Planning
Employment Law
Non-Profit Sector
Funding Sources

Geographic: United States
Industry: Non-Profit
Event Year Begin: 2003

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