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Speaker Series Event: September 14, 2010

Madoff Litigation as a Business:
The Real Scoop Behind the Mess

Tuesday, September 14, 2010, noon
Pound 108, Harvard Law School


Chris Green
Ropes & Gray

Chris Green is a partner in Ropes & Gray's Litigation Department. Chris has spearheaded all of the firm's litigation stemming from the Madoff multi-billion dollar fraud.

Immediately following the revelations of the Madoff ponzi scheme in December, 2008, law firms and lawyers all over the world viewed the unprecedented fraud as a potential opportunity for interesting, cutting edge, and potentially profitable work. But they were also confronted with thorny and complex questions about who to represent, what claims to bring, against whom, and where. These legal and business issues required immediate resolution prior to any client engagements or action on their behalf. Chris will take the audience behind the scenes to discuss how Ropes & Gray and other firms tackled these issues in the immediate 24 hours following the revelation of the fraud, and how the business of Madoff litigation has borne out since. One may find the business of Madoff litigation to be just as counter-intuitive as the law governing the pending litigation.

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