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John C. Coates, IV – Archive

Research & Scholarship

The Trouble with Staggered Boards: A Reply to Georgeson's John Wilcox, 11 Corp. Gov. Adv. 17 (2003) (with Lucian Bebchuk and Guhan Subramanian)

The Powerful Antitakeover Force of Staggered Boards: Theory, Evidence, and Policy, 54 Stan. L. Rev. 887 (2002) (with Lucian Bebchuk and Guhan Subramanian)

Explaining Variation in Takeover Defenses:  Blame the Lawyers, 89 Cal. L. Rev. 1301 (2001)

Private vs. Political Choice of Securities Regulation: A Political Cost/Benefit Analysis, 41 Va. J. Int’l L. 531 (2001)

Second-Generation Shareholder Bylaws:  Post-Quickturn Alternatives, 56 Bus. Law. 1323 (2001) (with B. Faris)

A Buy-Side Model of M&A Lockups: Theory and Evidence, 53 Stan. L. Rev. 307 (2000) (with Guhan Subramanian)

The Contestability of Corporate Control: A Critique of the Scientific Evidence on Takeover Defenses, 79 Tex. L. Rev. 271 (2000)

Empirical Evidence on Structural Takeover Defenses: Where Do We Stand?, 54 Univ.  Miami L. Rev. 783 (2000)

Presentations & Media

Leading Legal Innovation, Southern California Innovation Project Conference, San Diego, December 2008

The Evolution of Mutual Funds: Markets and Law, Roundtable Discussion, Chicago-Kent School of Law, November 2008

Reforming the Taxation and Regulation of Mutual Funds: A Comparative Legal and Economic Analysis, Searle Law and Economics Colloquium, Northwestern University, November 2008

Law and Economics Colloquium, Harvard Law School, September, 2008

Journal of Accounting and Research Annual Conference, University of Chicago, May 2008

The roundtable discussion, "Theory's Contributions to Corporate Law and Practice," moderated by John Coates at the Theory Informs Business Practice Symposium, 77 Chicago - Kent Law Review 121 (2001)

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