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Executive Education

Harvard Law School Executive Education was launched in 2007 and aims to present the latest research and case studies in intensive courses including Leadership in Law Firms (aimed at law firm managing partners and senior firm leaders) and Leadership in Corporate Counsel (aimed at general counsel). By studying a cross-section of professional service organizations, participants led by HLS faculty address the unique challenges of leading these organizations, and develop perspectives and skills to be more effective managers.

Leadership in Law Firms
In this intensive week-long course, participants learn about and discuss the need for balancing their professional responsibilities as lawyers and leadership responsibilities in their firms; the importance of having a clear strategy for long term success; drivers of economic performance; motivation and development of professionals; and leading change in law firms. Read more

Leadership in Corporate Counsel
In this intensive four-day course, participants learn about and discuss the power of alignment among corporate strategy, functional strategy, and organization of the corporate counsel office; drivers of superior quality of service to internal clients; motivation development of professionals; and leadership styles. Read more

Emerging Leaders in Law Firms Program
This intensive, five-day program is specially developed for attorneys who have recently entered partnership in their firms. As partners, the lawyers are taking on larger managerial responsibilities and are expected to exert greater leadership. The program offers them the leadership and managerial perspective and skills to make the transition successfully. Read More

Milbank Associates Training Program
Starting at the end of their third year and continuing through their seventh year, all Milbank associates will participate in an annual stepped program taught at Harvard. Each associate will undergo a yearly eight-day training program, taught by Harvard Law and Business faculty with the assistance of Milbank partners, and covering topics in business, finance, law, management skills, client relations and personal professional development. Read more

For more information on all of these programs, please visit the Executive Education website.

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