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WORKSHOP: March 2-3

tropical rainforestThe Brazilian Legal Profession in the Age of Globalization

March 2-3, 2012
FGV Law School
São Paulo Paulo, Brazil

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Opening Remarks

Luciana Gross Cunha, Direito GV
David Wilkins, Harvard Law School
José Luis Freire, Center of Studies of Law Firms; Tozzini Freire Law Firm

Panel 1: Forming a Global Lawyer: Practical Dimensions and Political Discussions

David Wilkins, Harvard Law School
Henry Sztutman, Pinheiro Neto Law Firm
José Garcez Ghirardi, Direito GV
Daniela Doria, Rabobank Group
José Edgard Bueno e Renato Mandaliti, JBM; Mandaliti Law Firm
Chair: Rafael Mafei, Direito GV

Panel 2: Political Readings of Law and the Regulation of Legal Practice

Frederico de Almeida, Direito GV
Ary Oswaldo Mattos Filho, ex-Dean DIREITO GV; Mattos Filho, Veiga Filho, Marrey Jr e Quiroga Law Firm
Ivan Tauil, Tauil & Chequer; Mayer Brown Law Firm
Mihaela Papa, Harvard Law School
Chair: Luci de Oliveira, Direito GV

Panel 3: Pro Bono and Public Interest Law

Marcos Fuchs, Instituto Pró-Bono
Oscar Vilhena Vieira, Dean, Direito GV
Louise Trubek, University Wisconsin Law School
Paula Forgioni, Universidade de São Paulo; Forgioni Law Firm
Artur Cruz, DPaschoal
Chair: Flavia Scabin, Direito GV

Panel 4 – Beyond Traditional Roles and Law Firms: New Opportunities for Lawyers

José Emilio Nunes Pinto, José Emilio Nunes Pinto Law Firm
Eduardo Damião Gonçalves, Mattos Filho, Veiga Filho, Marrey Jr e Quiroga Law Firm
Mario Engler, Direito GV
Paulo Roberto Gozzi, Nacional Minérios, Grupo CSN
Bruno Salama, Direito GV
Chair: Daniela Gabbay, Direito GV; L.O. Baptista Law Firm

Concluding Remarks

David Trubek, University of Wisconsin
José Eduardo Cardozo, Ministro da Justiça


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