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Legal Education

The Working Group for Distance Learning in Legal Education

The Working Group on Distance Learning in Legal Education is a loosely structured alliance of law educators collaborating to provide increased opportunities for faculty, students and other participants to access high quality, innovative, and interactive online legal education. Officially organized in November, 2011, the Working Group is an outgrowth of the Program on the Legal Profession’s Future Ed Series. To date, the Working Group has focused on providing model policies, developing recommended standards and practices, and providing policy recommendations to law schools and accreditation bodies that provide and regulate distnace learning in legal education. Learn more >

The Future of Legal Education (FutureEd)

FutureEd is PLP's research initiative examining various aspects of legal education reform. Law schools are facing enormous challenges as they attempt to prepare students for a rapidly changing legal market. Globalization and technological advances are providing new opportunities for the legal profession, while at the same time many legal employers are hiring far fewer graduates than in the past. How should lawyers be trained in this dramatically new environment? What trends are likely to be temporary, and what changes may be permanent? The Program seeks to explore these cutting-edge issues while simultaneously engaging historical pedagogical debates and theories and exploring innovation regarding how lawyers should best be trained for the profession. Learn more >

Read about the FutureEd series of conferences.

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