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Programs on the Profession

The Novak Druce Centre for Professional Service Firms, based at Oxford University's Saïd Business School, is a hub for academic research into the management of professional service firms. Its members work closely with top practitioners to explore the key challenges confronting the professional services sector.

Center for the Study of the Legal Profession at Georgetown Law promotes interdisciplinary scholarship on the profession informed by an awareness of the dynamics of modern practice; providing students with a sophisticated understanding of theopportunities and challenges of a modern legal career; and furnishing members of the bar.

Centre for the Legal Profession, University of Toronto Faculty of Law aims to advance professionalism, ethics and public service throughout the legal profession.

Center on the Global Legal Profession, Indiana University Maurer School of Law focuses on the role of lawyers in society, the business of lawyering and the organizational context housing legal practice, and examines the forces of globalization, politics and the economy on lawyers, clients, policymakers, law schools and the public.

Center for Diversity in the Legal Profession, CUNY School of Law is a clearinghouse for data on the participation of people of color in the law, and conducts original research.

Stanford Center on the Legal Profession supports research, teaching, programs and public policy initiatives on crucial issues facing the bar. Central concerns include how to enhance access to justice, sustain ethical values, improve bar regulatory structures, and effectively respond to the changing dynamics of legal workplaces.

Bucerius Center on the Legal Profession analyzes, researches and teaches practically relevant aspects of professional management and leadership as well as developments in the legal services market.

Center for Professional Values and Practice at New York Law School focuses on the changing conditions of law practice in the US and abroad through classwork, case studies, center events, and independent projects.

Center for Legal Profession and Legal Services at the University of Westminster School of Law conducts research on research on women in law, pro bono and ethics, legal ethics, legal education, entry into the legal profession, cause lawyering, lawyer-client relationships, and globalization.

Programs on Ethics and Professionalism

Harvard University Edmond J. Safra Foundation Center for Ethics encourages teaching and research about ethical issues in public and professional life; helps meet the growing need for teachers and scholars who address questions of moral choice in architecture, business, education, engineering, government, journalism, law, medicine, public health, public policy and other professions.

Cardozo School of Law—Jacobs Burns Center for Ethics in the Practice of Law sponsors courses, programs, and events that provoke dialogue and critical thought on ethical and moral issues of professional responsibility.

Louis Stein Center for Law & Ethics at Fordham Law examines the critical role of lawyers in building a more just society, and explores how ethical values inform and improve the legal profession.

Institute for the Study of Legal Ethics at Hofstra Law serves as a research center for the study of legal ethics issues. In addition to offering courses in professional responsibility, ISLE sponsors speakers, conferences, and symposiums, and also provides opportunities for student and faculty research.

The Holloran Center for Ethical Leadership in the Professions, based at the University of St. Thomas School of Law, seeks to address the most compelling ethical issue facing education in the professions and business: How can higher education most effectively foster the ethical professional formation of each student and practicing professional?

Center for Legal Ethics and Professionalism at Mercer Law sponsors a variety of in-house and outreach educational activities with the purpose of improving the professionalism of students, lawyers and judges.

Center for Ethics and Public Service at Miami Law is an interdisciplinary program devoted to the values of ethical judgment, professional responsibility, and public service in law and society.

The Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough Center on Professionalism at the University of South Carolina School of Law promotes the ideals of professionalism in the practice of law and the operation of the judicial system by serving as a resource in the research and dissemination of information and ideas, as well as developing and promoting initiatives that further those ideals.

Stanford Center on Ethics is committed to bring ethical reflection to bear on important social problems through research, teaching, and engagement.

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